Fresh out of jail on bail for embezzlement, disgraced Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles poked fun at the Bitcoin community’s for their lack of resolution in the block size limit issue.

Karpeles, in a tweet sent shortly after his release from jail, expressed his detachment from and disdain for the current state of Bitcoin, including a jab at the persisting one-megabyte block size limit debate:

Block size limit still an issue, though drama has died down

The issue of whether or not to raise Bitcoin’s block size limit is a contentious one, responsible for a “splinter subreddit,” /r/btc, to emerge offering a pro-raised block size counter-perspective to /r/bitcoin’s pro-Core stance.

Bitcoin Classic, the latest and greatest attempt to hard fork Bitcoin and in doing so raise the limit, appears to have failed. The average block size continues to creep up as the mempool size has entered a 30-day high, while fees are on the rise as well.

However, post block reward halving, the drama surrounding the block size disagreement seems to have died down.

Despite the ongoing scalability issue, some in the Bitcoin community maintain that the currency remains strong. Indeed, the price, market cap, and trading volume of Bitcoin continues to grow undaunted.

Mark Karpeles, CEO of Mt. Gox

Mt.Gox debacle was Bitcoin’s first major obstacle to overcome

In addition to commenting on one of Bitcoin’s more discussed issues of recent memory, Mark Karpeles was at the center of one of its first crises.

Mt. Gox, the first major cryptocurrency exchange, collapsed when an estimated 700,000 Bitcoins went missing. Karpeles, the CEO, was arrested under charges of fraud, and was accused of embezzling money to spend on prostitutes.

Since the fall of Mt. Gox, the Bitcoin economy has recovered and moved on.