Twitter has seen an influx of “Charlie Lee” this week, with not just one, but multiple imposters posing as the Litecoin (LTC) creator and promoting a fake LTC giveaway.

Most of the imposters are using Twitter accounts with names very similar to the real Charlie Lee, @SatoshiLite, such as @SatoshiLitez and @SatoshiLitee_, whose Twitter profiles exactly match those on the real Charlie Lee’s page.

The only thing that differs between these scammers is the amount of LTC being given away, ranging from 50 to 500 LTC.

There are also the more lazy scammers with similar fake giveaway posts, like @LiteSatoshi, whose relatively blank Twitter page says he is Roger Ver, or @kevinco68774468, whose page matches Lee’s in part but whose name appears as “your mom.”

Cointelegraph’s coverage of the Blockchain Connect conference, which took place in San Francisco on Jan. 26, was subject to one of “your mom”’s scam attempts:

The real Lee tweeted a warning about the scammers, who he also said were blocking him so that he couldn’t see any new scam posts:

The scammers may be taking advantage of Lee’s December 2017 announcement that he had sold and donated all of his LTC, perhaps hoping that Lee’s past donation would make the scam more believable. However, since Lee no longer holds any Litecoin, any LTC giveaway purportedly coming from Lee is unlikely to be true.

By press time, all of the fake Lee accounts mentioned in this article are still active on Twitter.