Angelina Lazar, rogue economist, ideologue, cryptocurrency revolutionary tells Cointelegraph all about her war with OneCoin.

Cointelegraph: “You are named as a major anti-OneCoin warrior. What have you gone through fighting with them?”

Angelina Lazar: “OneLife MobSquad desperately tried to destroy my business and reputation; threatened my life as well as attempted to poison me, set me up on trumped up charges to arrest me, attempted to bribe me - whichever comes first! Incidentally, they changed their name to OneLife! OneCoin founder Ruja Ignatova and her MobSquad are vicious and dangerous!”

Cointelegraph: “Tell us about your involvement with them, at what point did you smell something was fishy?”

Angelina Lazar: Alright, I'm an economist, leader in the network marketing industry, professional speaker and trainer. They approached me immediately to do the presentations, but first, I want to clarify that Network Marketing, when done right, is totally legitimate and a very smart business model! Even Bill Gates said, if he had to do it all over again, he would go the route of network marketing - so, that is just to put a lid on those in the cryptocurrency space bad-mouthing network marketing! When you couple cryptocurrency (a legitimate one) with network marketing (a legitimate company with a sustainable compensation plan), it is ultra savvy, sophisticated, smart and lucrative, and nothing at all to criticize, as so many like to do ostentatiously!

Anyway, I bumped into a group walking out of a meeting room at the Coral Deira Hotel in Dubai, while reserving a room for the Publisher of Las Vegas Hollywood Magazine. I've been a Columnist and Writer for the mag over the years; and we just put out a Dubai Edition, where I did A Snapshot History of Dubai, expounding upon the brilliant trade vision the late great Sheikh Rashid had and implemented for Dubai out of nothing but sand! He exemplified true leadership and created a breathtaking masterpiece of an emirate. However, as fate would have it, I bumped into this motley crew of mafiozi in that very Dubai, coming out of their meeting room, and that was the beginning of the end for OneCoin!

I asked: “Network marketing?” and Romeo responded: “Cryptocurrency!”  I jumped!

As an economist, I knew this to be the future in money and banking, so, immediately I invited them to my table at the hotel restaurant, where I just ordered dinner for myself so I could learn more about the opportunity! I went through Romeo's powerpoint presentation, speed reading my way through it, highly interested in the concept of a cryptocurrency business opportunity! Since Richard invited me to do the presentation the next week, without even having attended one! No problem for me! I started diligently researching cryptocurrencies around the clock till dawn, to prepare my presentation! For me, I saw clearly, cryptocurrencies represented freedom for God's People, and  the largest transference of wealth in history, according to Biblical Prophecy: “The wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous” (Prov 13, 22), I envisioned this very clearly. Only thing is, it sure wouldn't be via OneCoin... But I would very soon discover that out for myself!

The first month, I spoke each week on the power of cryptocurrencies and did basic training on network marketing as it all seemed convoluted to me the OneCoin business model, which sounded more like some slot machine games: “Double your tokens - Double Your Coins, Double Your Power to Ching-a-Ching-Ching!” Just nonsense-talk, really! There is no real business terminology, foundational concepts or rhyme and reason to the OneCoin madness! Yet people get all worked up about it as though they would become millionaires within 9-12 months, easy-peasy, as they say here in London, or within 2 years when they go public! The promises were egregious and unfounded... And all the while, the goal posts kept shifting! It all sounded very unconvincing! So, finally, the second (and last) month, I began to delve into the OneCoin business model to try and make heads or tails out of this nonsense, dissecting slide by slide, as I perfected the powerpoint presentation. I went through each slide, researching every iota of what was stated to ensure everything was based on the truth and hard core evidence before I would begin to promote this to my prospects. When lo and behold, I realized  everything was a bald-faced lie!

I had already organized, through a Leadership Training Week in Dubai the end of that second and final month I was with them (April-end, 2016), and had  invited some key players. I was going to work with them, and send them back to launch their respective countries so we could take OneCoin worldwide... That was the initial plan.... However, that fateful week everything became crystal clear, and I pulled the plug on us doing the business, informing my leaders we would not be doing it after all, as OneCoin was nothing but a mega-scam, it was clear!

That crucial week, I realized it was the mob running the whole thing, and in essence, was the largest global ponzi scheme in the history of the world! Bernie Madoff's scheme in New York ran in the States; but this one was worldwide, with 2.5 mln members!

I immediately warned everyone in the Dubai Team not to do any more biz opp meetings as we were being put out on the front line to bring in money for what I call the 'Anti-Leaders,' and our lives were being jeopardized, as a result! In no wise, could this be a legitimate or legal business! Everything was off!  Everything was squirrelly! Everything reeked of bad business sense, was totally unconvincing; the proper elements were not present neither on the business side nor on the technology side of it! This was a recipe for sheer disaster! So, overnight, I became the #1 persona non grata, and all those I considered my friends in the Dubai Team turned into my enemies in a veritable heartbeat! They revealed themselves that they were nothing but low-life scammers, fraudsters, crooks and liars, and had no qualms whatsoever to scam others for money, as long as they were making money! This became crystal clear! Richard Carvalho, the low-life Indian scammer and mafiozi gatekeeper, hacker and spy, who was chosen to organize the events, and oust clear-thinking intellectuals and dissenters, such as myself, said it clearly and will say it again: “We don't care how long it will last; we will milk it till it goes down!” This was not my crowd, not my society, not my cup of tea! I drew the line in the sand and was out after 2 months when this became abundantly clear that this was nothing but a huge worldwide scam with only low-life fraudsters and mafiozi running it! I immediately apologized to anyone online who had ever bad-mouthed OneCoin before me, like OzDelphi and Oz from BehindMLM, Ethan Vanderbuilt, (my post was made 5 months ago, beginning with the handle and words CharismaOneCoin: “Ok, ETHAN! I need to SERIOUSLY APOLOGIZE to you! You know... I have on this thread fought you tooth and nail, thinking you were not justified in your claims...”) and whoever else declared it was a scam before I discovered the truth for myself!

You see, I just automatically assumed Ruja Ignatova was similar to myself... I assumed she, too, was an Orthodox Christian - as I am Serbian Orthodox, even though I was born in Canada. I always fought for the little guys as I deeply care about people, so, I just assumed she did too! Boy, was I wrong!... She takes maximum advantage of unsuspecting victims, and those who don't have money to put up! I thought she was fighting international banksters, like me! I am savvy in the backstage politics of shadow world powers, and studied political management in Washington D.C., so, I am no rookie on that front, and am well known to illuminati elitists, who have tried to recruit me a long time now, but I am an avid Christian leader, and want no part of that sinister mob! So, naturally, I was going to rush to her rescue, as I have huge experience fighting these powers and principalities, and just thought she was fighting them to help God's People! This was naive thinking, and I couldn't have been further from the mark! Ruja Ignatova is the Wicked Witch of the Balkans, and totally unscrupulous!

So, as a veteran and leader in the industry, I know the elements that need to be in place for a network marketing business to be legitimate and a comp plan sustainable; yet none of these elements were in place! They were all lacking, and the whole opportunity smelled bad... very bad! I have my experience there too, so I recognized this quickly! I saw it was about to explode in everyone's faces! And the fact that they dared use me to promote them necessitated that I needed to expose them, as I would never willingly steer anyone in the wrong direction! I have zero tolerance for shysters, con-artists and fraudsters, and these were the worst of the worst I came across! I watch my soul above all else, so earning money is not my prime objective in life! It must be in line with Christian living, God's righteousness, or I am not at all interested; so now, I needed to expose them, as I have a circle of influence, and people believe me when I speak, as I speak the God-honest truth!

Things culminated when I tried to hook up a Treasury Tutor from the U.S. with Riitta Dikmen Granlund (from Finland), my upline and eventual sponsor. I figured she would have all the answers to whatever questions he might have. And since he was such an important personna and understood well monetary economics, I was thinking we could train him to be one of our Speakers, and work with me, but she never even gave him the time of day, rather she dodged that meeting! That was a yellow flag. So, I regrouped, and invited him to my presentation the next day at a Russian Business Club Breakfast Meeting at the Gloria Hotel. I figured, by hook or by crook (excuse the pun), I would introduce him to Riitta to explain this mumbo-jumbo business opportunity to him, and see what his take is on it! During my presentation, though, lo and behold, there was a DIFC Agent sitting up front and center right beside me, ready and waiting for me, in lunge position, who rudely, interrupted my presentation, with snide remarks about myself and the business!

He referenced another business I got tangled up in a decade back, by the name of FX Trainer, which another mobster CEO (by the name of Edward Yao) ran, whom I also exposed, and so, they, too, went after me and my new company I just launched, just like OneCoin was about to hurt both me and my business! So, he had it all wrong, was grossly misinformed, but all too full of himself to be set straight. However, I gave him some choice words before leaving on that note! You see, whenever you expose these mafiozi, which forgive me for saying, but no one has the guts to do but me, I find, time and time again, they always retaliate, by trying to discredit you in a veritable character assassination, libel and slander of the worst sort, and post always post that rubbish online, so do-do brains, who do not know how to do their research, gobble that up hook, line and sinker, like that low-life!

The mob flips the tables around, and tries to take you down before you take them down!

This is their m.o. guaranteed every time! And that is the thanks I get for caring enough to take on the fight for other people, too weak to do so, themselves! They are the ones to believe that garbage first! But c'est la vie! There is a God, and He will effect Retributive Justice, and as for me, I have to fight them again and again, as I honestly have a zero tolerance for them! I detest their presence on the face of this earth! I am God's righteous warrior, this is my war, and that is that! I can't do a thing about it! I could not live with myself, if I see what others don't see, and don't do what I need to do to block that huge detriment! So many people have warned me to stay far away, to drop the case, to mind my own business, and to focus my energies on my own business; but once these seething low-life cross my path, the bull dog in me comes out, and I can't let go! I am God's whip - no other way to put it! But I always win, in the end, no matter what, and I know I will here, too, mark my words!

At any rate, this encounter was a serious wake-up call for me, so it was, actually, a blessing in disguise, so I'm glad it happened! There were also two other agents working in synch with the rude one, who were much better natured, intellectual types, and I noticed they were really trying to enlighten me about something I was not aware of at the time, and I honestly thank them for that! I don't even know their names, but I could see how sincere and concerned they were, as they knew I was speaking what I honestly believed, and was no part of any scam! This was a real turning point for me!

It dawned on me, these 'fellas' were onto something, and had a lot more information than I had at the time, so, I listened carefully to their super savvy questions...... Questions like: “Is OneCoin licenced to operate in Dubai by the DIFC, since they're dealing with financial investments?” ...... “What exchange are they found on?”.... “And who owns,” someone chimed in!... They even invited me to ask that question to the OneLife Management Team, and I sensed this was a key question, and if I got the answer to that, I would understand a lot more than I did now, as I had just joined!  Anyway, I ended up doing just that, and was appalled to discover that OneCoin put out the bogus exchange to try and show themselves up as a live, real and legitimate tradeable cryptocurrency, which they're not!

Everything they did was bogus up the wazoo, to pull the wool over the eyes of the sleeping fools, who call themselves OneLifers, who refuse to listen to reason, and who are too lazy to do their own due diligence! “Who audits OneCoin?,” someone else asked, and  I responded what I was told: that it was some German law firm, I forgot the name, or couldn't pronounce it, but maybe Riitta could tell us, I suggested, and I called out for her to chime in now, as that is what I brought her there  for! Honestly, looking back, I realized I had to almost tie her down to get her in the taxi and join me! I was very stubborn, and wouldn't hear of her not coming, and she really resented my being so insistent! Anyway, I called for Riitta once...... twice....... going..... going.... gone!

To be continued shortly.