Not only are Bitcoin ATMs going live at an ever-increasing rate, but state backlash is picking up, too: The Portuguese government issued the EU-standard warnings about cryptocurrencies right as country’s first Bitcoin ATM, which we reported on last week, went live.

It’s good to know so many people are monitoring developments in this space.

As for this week, we have reports of new Bitcoin ATMs opening in British Columbia, Canada; the US states of Washington and Nevada; Finland, and the Netherlands.

Two Bitcoin ATMs for British Columbia reported last Thursday that Cavirtex had installed a BitAccess machine at the Pacific Central Station in Vancouver in the Gateway Newstands store.

And on Vancouver Island, Cryptopick Canada announced Monday that it had installed a Genesis Coin machine at the Thirsty Camel Café in Nanaimo.

Genesis Coin at Thirsty Camel Cafe

-Genesis Coin @ Thirsty Camel Cafe

British Columbia has emerged as one of the world’s hotbeds of Bitcoin innovation and participation. In the last six weeks, Cointelegraph has also reported that Simon Fraser University had begun accepting bitcoin donations and that students from the University of British Columbia had just formed a new Bitcoin club.

Two More Bitcoin ATMs in the USA

Sticking with the Pacific Northwest, the University of Washington’s student newspaper reported last Wednesday that Seattle startup Coinme had just launched its second Bitcoin ATM in the city, this time in the university’s Startup Hall.

Coinme’s general manager, Nick Hughes, told the paper that the company’s first machine, at local sports bar Spitfire, was seeing new wallets created on a near-daily basis.

Down in Reno, Nevada, local company Cypress Systems has installed a Skyhook ATM at local pizzeria Nu Yalk Pizza. Redditors over at /r/Bitcoin were the first to report on the new machine.

“The restaurant does not yet accept BTC as payment, but I will actively be asking every time I eat there now,” /u/EasilyAmusedEE, who first posted the story, noted.

Finland and the Netherlands

An innovative shop in Den Haag is home another Bitcoin ATM in the city that created Holland’s Bitcoin Boulevard. Den Haag FM reported [NL] last Thursday that The Barbershop & Co. — a small business incubator of sorts on Torenstraat — had installed a two-way Robocoin ATM.

In Finland, another leader in Europe for Bitcoin ATM proliferation, local startup Bittimaatti announced before the weekend it had installed its sixth one-way Bitcoin ATM, according to CryptoCoinsNews. The company now has two machines in the capital Helsinki, and one in Tampere, Turku, Kuopio and Jyväskylä.