A new subreddit, /r/rBitcoin, was started last week by a redditor who had had enough of the atmosphere at the primary Bitcoin subreddit. The founding post of /r/rBitcoin reads that it was created due to the “overwhelming presence of trolls” in its predecessor. It further states:

“It got to the point that some topics were more troll controlled than not. In fact it became so blatant that they were basically joking about the fact they had total control of the forum, including moderators. Here we can sit back, relax, and have some real discussions.”

/r/rBitcoin's sidebar explicitly states that merely having a different viewpoint from the writer of a post does not count as trolling. To mark yourself a troll, you must be making “personal attacks, causing cognitive stress, and making fallacies.” Users who prove themselves trolls will be banned from the subreddit immediately.

But /r/rBitcoin's differences from the primary Bitcoin subreddit don't stop at troll banning. A trending quote from a pseudonymous BitcoinTalk user is placed prominently on its sidebar:

“Inviting regulation when there was an opportunity for gaining the moral high-ground through legitimate civilian disobedience against the prevalent government push towards ubiquitous financial surveillance is a major error and missed opportunity."

Bitcoin users who prefer the “moral high-ground” of financial privacy – as opposed to the surveillance that comes with state regulation – may have found their new favorite subreddit.

And lest anyone forget that incentives matter, /r/rBitcoin also gives 1,000 bit tips both for making “insightful comments” and for becoming a new subscriber.

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