Cointelegraph has partnered with Coin ATM Radar, which regularly updates a helpful and navigable Bitcoin ATM map, to get the most comprehensive data about new BTMs as they go online.

The worldwide BTMs network has grown fairly significantly since December 1. According to Coin ATM Radar’s data as of December 9, there are 320 live BTMs around the world, and this includes five new machines in the US and five new machines in Hong Kong.

Below are a few that were installed and began operations last week.

Hong Kong

The team at Bitcoinnect launched 5 Genesis Coin Satoshi1 BTMs in Hong Kong over the weekend. Those one-way BTMs can be found at:

  • The Car Pro Commercial Building in Central Hong Kong

  • Austin Plaza on Austin Road

  • Tower Jordan Nos. 1 and 2 in the Jordan area

  • The Bio-Informatics Center in Hong Kong Science Park

United States

  • In Mentor, Ohio, northeast of Cleveland, the team at Coinnective installed a one-way Skyhook BTM that charges 5% fees and limits transactions to US$1,000 per person per day.
  • In Overland Park, Kansas, just outside of Kansas City, We Buy Gold installed a one-way Skyhook machine in its shop on 151st Street.

  • In Atlanta, local operators CoinFucious have installed a pair of one-way Skyhook BTMs at Village Smoke on Monroe Dr. NE and at Engineer’s Bookstore on Marietta St. NW. Those machines charge a 5% transaction fee and limits purchases to US$1,000.

  • One more from the South. ZenBox has installed Alabama’s first BTM, a two-way BitAccess machine at Crestwood Tavern on Crestwood Blvd.


  • In Sheffield, England, office space and business community Electric Works permanently installed a one-way Lamassu machine, which can be found at the Sheffield Digital Campus.

  • In Amsterdam, Cafe Kobalt, just steps from the central train station, has installed the two-way Bitxatm Mr. Bitcoin that was previously set up in Cafe-Restaurant Polder. The machine caps transactions at 14,990 EUR per day, and operators say that it dispenses 20 EUR notes.


  • In Tel Aviv, there is a new two-way Robocoin BTM in the Dizengoff Center, on the ground floor across from Zara, which is being operated by BitBox.

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