Cointelegraph has partnered with Coin ATM Radar, which regularly updates a helpful and navigable Bitcoin ATM map, to get the most comprehensive data about new BTMs as they go online.

According to Coin ATM Radar’s data as of November 24, 2014, there are 304 live BTMs around the world. Below are a few that were installed and began operations last week.

North America

  • Canadian BTM operator Instacoin launched a pair of one-way Lamassu machines in Montreal. One machine went up in the La Belle Province location on boulevard Saint-Laurent, and it charges between 4 and 7% on top of Cavirtex’s fee. The second machine, the same model with the same rates, went live in the Restaurant Ottavia in St-Laurent.

one-way Lamassu machines in Montreal

  • Ahsker’s Juice Bar in Buffalo, New York, unveiled a one-way Skyhook ATM last week while the city was digging itself out from the snow. The machine charges a 10% fee, and transactions are capped at $500.

Ahsker’s Juice Bar in Buffalo


  • Genesis Coin continues to introduce Genesis1 kiosks throughout China. The company’s 20th machine to be installed went up last Thursday in the International Trust and Investment Building in Shenzhen. Fees and caps have not been announced, but the Genesis1 will support two-way Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Blackcoin transactions.

Genesis1 kiosks in China


  • The second Bitcoin ATM in Romania went live over the weekend in Bucharest in an Irish pub called The Dubliner. The machine offers a two-way Robocoin kiosk, and runs the Robocoin 2.0 software, with all of its KYC information entry requirements. 

Bitcoin ATM in Romania

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