According to CoinATMRadar, a website that provides a map tracking Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency ATMs around the world, there are now 211 Bitcoin ATMS operating on six continents. Thanks to this website everyone can easily check the location of the nearest BTM, which stands for Bitcoin teller machine and is also called Bitcoin ATM. What is more, the website provides machine’s details such as address, operating hours, direction (fiat to cryptocurrency and vice-versa), and even fees if applicable.

Now, the greatest number of BTMS can be found in North America (100 Bitcoin ATMS), while Africa has only one operating Lamassu BTM in Johannesburg in South Africa. Europe is the second continent when it comes to the number of available BTMS, when in Asia 28 BTMS can be found and 15 in Australia. However, the network of BTMS is rapidly growing. The first two-way Robocoin BTMS were launched only last year in downtown Vancouver coffee shop. This machine processed over $1 million CAD in transaction in one month.

Currently, there are five leading manufacturers who provide their devices to different continents. The official leader is Lamassu with 75 operating machines, then Robocoin with 35 units, 27 devices from BitAccess, 23 from Skyhooks which are the low-cost ATM solutions that debuted recently, selling for $999 per unit and the last one is Genesis1 with 14 operating BTMS.

CoinOutlet starts selling new Bitcoin ATM

CoinOutlet has released a new BTM. The company was founded in 2014 by Eric Grill, who has been involved in Bitcoin community since 2012.

The North Carolina based company began taking order for their AML/KYC compliant flagship Bitcoin ATM. The official website reads:

“CoinOutlet’s ATM has been designed and built to overcome the current obstacles in getting Bitcoin for cash. By handling AML / KYC it is compliant with FinCEN regulations.”

The first 10 BTMs are slated for delivery in several states in the U.S. as well as locations in Europe, Africa, and South America with orders for 30 more in the queue.

The US$8000 priced BTM is delivered with bank grade security and supports two-way transactions via a recycler and a secure fulfilment services. The company informs that “the kiosk software is designed so operators can monitor its status remotely and can configure multi-coin capability, local currency acceptance, point of sales, and on-line shopping modules as desired.”

For details about the new BTMs go here.

Dallas welcoming more BTMs

Now, Dallas is getting one more BTM in addition to the one we reported on last week.

It was Will Fayen who got contacted by the companies interested in launching the devices in Dallas. Mr Fayen, who runs a local Bitcoin “Meet” group, comments that the arrival of the Bitcoin ATMS signifies a big step for North Texas. He also adds:

"I had three different companies contacted me asking about bringing a Bitcoin ATM to Dallas. This could be big here."

Will Fayen recommended the Pop Diner off McKinney Avenue as a possible locations, eventually, the diner’s stuff confirmed that the ATM arrived earlier this month.

A constantly growing number of students at UT Arlington claim that this move “was long overdue” and Justin Hendrix, the vice president of the college's entrepreneur society, adds that “we’re actually behind.”

Mr Hendrix says that his group has just announced that “it would accept Bitcoin for membership dues and uses the currency for more of its operational functions.” After this announcement he admitted that "the response has been huge," he said. "When we announced on Facebook, we saw a 700,000-percent increase in 'reach,' as given to us in data by Facebook."

Unfortunately, as this digital currency has experienced some problems, Mr. Hendrix is well aware that getting it accepted globally may be still even years, away, if it is possible at all. Even though he remains optimistic and still sees a possibility for the Bitcoin industry to grow at UTA.

Still, he sees room for growth at UTA. Justin Hendrix confidently announces his main goal:

"To me, the end game would be for students to be able to pay their tuition in Bitcoin."

Budapest welcomes its first BTM

The first Bitcoin ATM in Hungary has been installed at the Anker Klub on Anker köz in Budapest. The machine was made by the Lamassu’s company and is currently owned and operated by Barnabás Debreczen. Hungary’s first BTM has been officially introduced and presented during a special event in Budapest.

The announcement appeared on the Budapest Business Journal’s website and it describes the device as follows:

“Users can deposit forint bills in the machine and receive Bitcoins, the digital currency that is gaining traction around the world. If the user has a Bitcoin wallet, the QR code can be read on the device. Anyone who does not have the Bitcoin wallet mobile application can print out a sheet of paper with a QR code representing the purchased units.”

First BTM in Grand Rapids

This device has already been called “the ATM of the future”. The machine that has been installed at the Skywalk Deli in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, accepts money and immediately turns it into the digital currency – Bitcoin. As this currency is based on a peer-to-peer technology it’s using a central network for transactions instead of a bank.

BTMs in San Diego

The Bitcoin enthusiasts and everyone else now can use two Bitcoin ATMS installed in San Diego, California. They both work the same way – put the dollars in, get Bitcoin out.

Their daily limit is currently US$1,000. One machine can be found in Nikki Fine Jewellery store on 5th Avenue, the other one, a Skyhook Bitcoin machine, in Downtown Johnny Brown’s restaurant. According to Bitcoin Merchant website it is “the first restaurant in San Diego to accept Bitcoin.”

Albuquerque’s first BTMs

The people of the city of Albuquerque in New Mexico may already enjoy the ability to withdraw bitcoins for their dollars. Two machines are installed in Pete & Roque’s Hairstyling

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