A new game offering 1 bitcoin - worth $9860 at press time - to the first player to solve its 24 puzzles will launch Feb. 20 amid rumors developers are linked to Bitcoin wallet recovery tool btcrecover.

Montecrypto: The Bitcoin Enigma will feature an in-game world players navigate in the first person, solving 24 ‘enigmas’ in order to claim the ultimate prize.

The game is over once a player has solved all the puzzles for the first time, while the sale price of the game will be $1.99.

“We are not here to advertise Bitcoin. We think it can be fun to have a Bitcoin as a prize for our game,” developers write in Montecrypto’s FAQ.

A curious addition under a subheading titled “Final words?” comes in the form of a direct link to btcrecover’s Github repository, developers claiming it “might come in handy.”

The project adopts a different angle on crypto-gaming compared to ongoing projects which have recently hit the headlines.

Crypto Kitties, the phenomenon which took the internet by storm in December last year before dissipating, is being followed this month by a new Ethereum-based offering dubbed DEUS ETH.

In that world, “tokenized characters” navigate a series of episodes in what developers claim is “like watching Game of Thrones.”

Montecrypto’s team has meanwhile stated its wishes to remain anonymous until the winner secures the prize.