The phenomenon of the Bitcoin conference is set to make its debut in yet another part of the world in September, this time for the benefit of Central and Eastern Europe, being hosted in Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

The two-day event is being hosted not by a foundation, however, but interestingly in the form of ComCoin, the company featuring Slovenia’s first two-way Bitcoin ATM. 
“Slovenia enjoys a strategic position in the CEE region, counts with a strong BitCoin community and with a worldwide Bitcoin business ecosystem,” the conference website states in support of the location. 
The event includes some high-profile names, with the inimitable Elizabeth Ploshay representing the Bitcoin Foundation and speakers including CEO Jesse Heaslip and Josh Zerlan of beleaguered Bitcoin miner manufacturer Butterfly Labs. 

The keynote speech will be delivered by Steve Beauregard, co-founder and CEO of GoCoin, whose POS tool allows merchants to accept Bitcoin, Litecoin and even Dogecoin as payment for goods and services. 

The event aims as much to educate as to address current issues and innovation, underlined by the sponsorship of the Economics Faculty of the University of Ljubljana. 

“Whether you are a BITCOIN owner, technologist, developer, entrepreneur, regulator, cryptographer, expert, venture capitalist or just an individual who is looking to step into BITCOIN community,” the website continues, “our agenda will offer bleeding edge intelligence for everyone and anyone interested in learning more about Bitcoin.” 

The bleeding alone may well warrant further investigation, and the event looks set to accentuate the region’s gradual emergence in the Bitcoin space. 

However, while local publication Slovenia Times notes that only 50 Slovenian companies currently accept Bitcoin, “a look at the frequency of bitcoin-related searches by Google users in Slovenia indicates a positive trend for the future, as the country places ninth in the world.” 

September’s conference comes highly anticipated, it would seem, and more information can be found here.