Who is making it easier to buy, sell and exchange Bitcoin? Cointelegraph is curious to find out, which is why we have partnered with Coin ATM Radar. The website regularly updates a helpful and navigable Bitcoin ATM map, to get the most comprehensive data about new BTMs as they go online.

According to Coin ATM Radar’s data as of December 1, 2014, there are 309 live BTMs around the world. Below are a few that were installed and began operations last week.


  • At Dalhousie University in Halifax, exchange Cavirtex has installed a one-way BitAccess machine in the middle of the student union.

One-way BitAccess machine in Halifax

  • In Toronto, local precious metals dealer Toronto Gold is opening up access to a new asset class for its clients with a one-way Lamassu machine that charges a 5% fee and allows transactions up to 10,000 CAD. For anyone keeping count, that’s now 10 Bitcoin ATMs in Toronto.

United States

  • In Sterling, Virginia, a local lawn mower shop called Sterling Mower became the first site for new BTM operators BlockBox, who installed a one-way Lamassu right by the shop’s front door. The BTM charges 4% fees, and no word yet on transaction limits.

One-way Lamassu in Sterling, Virginia

  • Blue 1647 No word yet on the transaction limits or fees.
  • In Brea, California, just north of Anaheim, the team at ZenBox installed another of their BitAccess machines in the busy Brea Mall. This is a two-way machine, which sits right next to traditional ATMs. No word on what the fees are or what the caps on transactions are.

BitAccess machines in Brea, California


  • In Italy, a pair of new machines operated by Robocoin Italia have gone online. The first was a two-way Robocoin machine at Sapienza La Universita di Roma. That machine charges 6% fees, and transactions are capped at 999 EUR. (You have to report transactions higher than that in Italy). Up in Milan, a second Robocoin kiosk was installed at Pisacane Arte art gallery. That machine charges 8% fees, and the transaction limit of 999 EUR is the same.

Two-way Robocoin machine at Sapienza La Universita di Roma in Italy

  • In Lausanne, Switzerland, low-key nightlife spot Qwertz Cafe is the new home of the two-way BitAccess machine that had been located at the University of Zurich. Operators SBEX are capping transactions for non-verified users at 500 CHF.


  • In Singapore, there is a new one-way Lamassu machine at HackerspaceSG on King George’s Avenue. Details about the transaction fees and limits are unknown at the moment.
  • In Hong Kong, Bitcoinnect has installed a two-way Genesis Coin machine at BitFX in Austin Plaza. Bitconnect representatives have since announced plans to roll out another 20 such kiosks around Hong Kong in the coming months, perhaps by year’s end.

Two-way Genesis Coin machine in Hong Kong

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