News Business Is Broken But Blockchain Can Save It

Changing the woeful business trajectory for news publishing through Blockchain auditing and growth building markets is the ambitious goal of PressCoin’s NEWS cryptocurrency. But is the news industry ready for crypto-disruption? Why haven’t digital news publishers been able to innovate past their ever shrinking advertising yields? And most importantly, what is the economic opportunity for investors?

We talked to PressCoin designer Amit Rathore and asked him how PressCoin’s crypto-economy intends to change the news game and create wealth.

The “new one percent”

PressCoin’s plan to remake the news, and with it democracy, begins with the goal of building services to provide the information needs of what Rathore calls the “new one percent.” He says:

“These are people who are seeking more than the endless argument that often passes for news these days. Professionals looking for actionable information, who need to know what is going on, consumers who want facts and opportunities for respectful, useful discussion of news events, and civil society members who seeking action and solutions.”

But while PressCoin’s initial plan involves building media platforms, it doesn’t intend to become a media company itself. PressCoin wants to support a decentralised, pluralist, free media -  not become the media. Rathore says:

“Our starting point will be a suite of new publishing platforms and e-commerce tools which will demonstrate how a better experience for news consumers can drive new revenue streams for publishers. These initial platforms will target specific areas of the public sphere - elections, investigative reporting, local and hyperlocal news and citizen journalism.”

Two platforms were recently released in alpha, Next Election and Insurge Intelligence.

“The news industry needs to start treating its readers and viewers as an integral and valuable part of the ecosystem rather than as bystanders or mere consumers. Or as a product to be sold to advertisers, as Facebook and Google do. And most importantly the news business needs to get back into the business of selling news.”

PressCoin Designer Amit Rathore

PressCoin Designer Amit Rathore   

Overcoming the challenge of the giants

So why does Rathore think that it’s possible to challenge the supremacy of the platform giants in the digital advertising space? He says:

“An overlooked story of 2017 was end of Yahoo as a news business. In June it sold its publishing business to Verizon for $4.5 billion. Back in 2000 this business was valued at $125 billion and looked invincible. By 2006 the company was struggling to make the right decisions. In its final decade things got really ugly. The lesson from Yahoo is that internet giants, no matter how big, remain vulnerable to innovation.”

PressCoin is betting that after being burnt thrice by the platforms, news publishers now have a high level of motivation to find new solutions to the decade long problem of declining revenues and influence.

“News content built Yahoo, and it has played a massive part in Facebook’s rise and in Google’s ongoing success. But right now all these relationships are failing for publishers. We are going to fix that.”

An industry addicted to internal competition

Ok then, how?

Rathore begins with the old saw about how legacy industries never build their replacements: “AirBnB wasn’t built by a hotel company, nor Uber by a taxi company,” he says, then shifts to address why this applies to news:

“This is a divided industry, it doesn’t know how to cooperate or build internal markets or transform itself. It needs both technology solutions, and an open bazaar model to help show the way.”

PressCoin’s initial approach will be to build reference implementations to demonstrate how publishers can go beyond publishing passive conte