The Blockchain industry in Nigeria has received a boost as government agencies are collaborating with Cryptography Development Initiative of Nigeria, hereinafter CDIN, in education and implementation of the technology.

CDIN describes itself as a Non-Government Organization, a platform that brings together stakeholders in Nigeria to work on a common interest of addressing gaps in cryptography related developments including crypto-currencies and crypto-ransomware.

Government support

In response to CDIN’s invitation for partnership towards what is expected to be the biggest Blockchain event yet in West Africa, ‘Blockchain Nigeria 2017’, the National electronic Fraud Forum, NeFF offers its support to CDIN. This is contained in a letter signed by the Chairman of NeFF, Dipo Fatokun.

In the letter, Fatokun says:

“Please be informed that NeFF is willing to collaborate with CDIN and will assist with technical advice and/or speakers at the proposed 2017 conference on Blockchain. Also note that as the collaboration progresses, NeFF will also count on your support.”

According to Adeolu Fadele, President of CDIN, ‘Blockchain Nigeria 2017’ will be the first international Blockchain conference in West Africa.

With the theme, “Blockchain Nigeria 2017: Effective Tool For Anti-Corruption And Economic Growth,” Fadele says that CDIN hopes to bring together relevant government agencies, investors, consumers and other stakeholders interested in Blockchain technology in order to raise awareness, discourage crime, protect consumers and unlock new jobs and business opportunities in Nigeria.

More partnerships

Fadele also tells Cointelegraph that CDIN is currently negotiating with BitLand on a viable partnership.

Fadele says: “Considering the functions of BitLand as an organization that aims to provide services that allow individuals and organizations to survey land and record deeds onto the Bitshares Blockchain. A project which is already working in Kumasi, Ghana and looking to expand their reach further into the African continent Nigeria is certainly a perfect destination.”

Chief Security Officer and President, Larry Christopher Bates expressed optimism and hope towards this project as he looks forward to a fruitful cooperation with the government of Nigeria.

Bates tells Cointelegraph that BitLand hopes to accelerate the implementation of Blockchain technology by cooperating with government officials and developing proper AML and KYC practices for the Nigerian Blockchain community:  

“We want to set the standards for compliance to ensure that everything pays attention to protecting the interests of the population while implementing a new technology.”

The event which will be held around the middle of the year is expected to be the hinge on which the disruptive technology in Nigeria and West Africa will swing towards a prospective future.

Other groups and agencies that have shown interest in collaborating with CDIN towards Blockchain Nigeria 2017 and beyond include Cyber Security Experts Association of Nigeria CSEAN, National Information Technology Development Agency NITDA, Banks and other professional bodies.