A Nigerian group of experts from various fields of science and technology has teamed up to give a new impulse to the crypto industry in the African country.

As the global awareness of Blockchain and it's applications continues to spread, the largest black nation in the world has chosen not to be left behind.

Who is a CryptoNigerian?

Adeolu Fadele, Founder and President of Cryptography Development Initiative of Nigeria (CDIN), tells Cointelegraph that his dream is for every citizen to become a CryptoNigerian.

Fadele defines a CryptoNigerian in this manner:

“A CryptoNigerian is a Nigerian that has acquired sufficient knowledge in the innovative technologies powered by cryptography and encryption and capable of enlightening and providing professional guidance to others.”

High expectations

Obiora Awogu, a forensic analyst with UBA GROUP, says that his goal and intention in being a part of CDIN is to learn, interact and share knowledge on cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.

Awogu is also a cybersecurity expert and a cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Another member of CDIN is Jerry Ojo, a solution developer with the Central Bank of Nigeria and a technopreneur.

“I see CDIN as a pacesetter for cryptocurrency development in Africa. I shall be contributing to research, e-commerce and entrepreneurship opportunity and solutions development.”

Ojo believes that CDIN is blazing a trail and that the impact will be felt all over Africa and beyond.

John Blessing Bamigbegbin is a forensic geneticist. Bamigbegbin says that his expectation from CDIN is the formation of a pioneer educational and informative organization in Nigeria on Cryptocurrency and CryptoSystem. It is hoped that this will foster economic development and reinforce the nation’s cybersecurity.

Weekly meetups

The group, CryptoNigeria, already holds a weekly meetup which cuts across both physical and virtual participation. With numerous participants spanning across the nation’s various cities, more physical meetup centers are being installed across the country.

The partners of CDIN include Bitnation, Nexxus University, the International Association for Cryptologic Research, among others.