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Nitrogen Sports, one of the most popular Bitcoin sportsbooks on the web, is about to launch two new services. Blackjack will be joining poker as the second casino card game offered on the site. The big news, at least as far as sports betting goes, is that they will be offering live line betting during the Super Bowl.

Typical sportsbooks will set a line in advance of a game. That line may change depending on news and (more commonly) as a reaction to how users place their bets. Once the game starts however, that line is set in stone and no more bets are taken. That is one, of many, major advantages casinos and Las Vegas sportsbooks have over your typical bar room bookie. Legit sportsbooks with physical locations can update the line during the game, allowing users to make bets while the game is going on based on how the two teams are performing.

Nitrogen Sports will be offering live betting for the Super Bowl. The site currently allows users to make bets before the start and during the second half of games, but actual live betting is not currently supported. With live betting, users will be able to bet on the Super Bowl throughout the game. While live betting for every game is something they are working on, it is not going live until later this year. Instead, the Superbowl live betting can be seen as a bit of a preview of what is to come, but won't be representative of the final product. Complete live betting will be a part of a “big platform”  launch later this year and may look completely different. There is no concrete deadline on when live betting outside of the Super Bowl will become available, but there is hope that it could be done sometime in the spring. 

Nitrogen Sports passed us this news and they are expected to make an official announcement later today. 

As for Blackjack, it went live moments before the publishing of this article and appears to work similarly to its Poker platform. There aren't other players at the table (as that isn't needed in BlackJack) so there isn't even a need to buy into the table, just start betting and it deducts or adds bitcoin directly to your Nitrogen Sports account. The betting cap is set to 1btc, so both small time gamblers and bitcoin high rollers should be covered.

The technology behind both the BlackJack service and the Live betting was developed in-house, explains Nitrogen Sports'  co-founder “Jacob”

“While we're lucky to be working with Cubeia Social on our poker platform, Blackjack and live betting will both be completely proprietary software. It's great to see our tech team working on new and exciting products that our bettors have been requesting.”

Nitrogen Sport's BlackJack is provably fair, with open and public code. Nitrogen Sports' other co-founder, “James” expressed what he thought of Nitrogen Sports' future in 2015.

“We're very excited for Blackjack to be our first release in 2015; it's going to be a great year at Nitrogen Sports! We're also looking forward to an industry-leading live betting platform, more provably fair casino games, and a few other awesome product launches.”

We will have more on Bitcoin Super Bowl wagering and general bitcoin betting news in the future.

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