The week has been a great one for new businesses around the world. We have been able to locate the details for at least ten of those new merchants, ranging from pubs to sign makers/printers and of course new charities. We must keep in mind that the very real possibility of registered exchanges such as the projects by SecondMarket, and NASDAQ will lend even more credibility and bring in even more merchants.

Sign Printing

Liskeard, United Kingdom is home to Print2Media, one of the first printer/sign makers to accept online payments through Bitcoin. Located in West Country buyers are able to simply enter and address into their Bitcoin wallet or scan a QR code with a tablet or smart phone to make purchases. The company provides, along with traditional services, custom printed wall paper, custom signs, graphics and exhibition signs and guarantees next day delivery for all UK orders. Business owner Glenn Wrigley is proud of his company’s “geekyness”:

"We've always been a bit geeky here. We’re constantly looking at ways that technology can make our service more convenient for our customers. Bitcoin seemed a natural addition and I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more businesses getting on board with it over the next few years. As far as we're aware, no one else in the world is offering this service, so it's a great feeling to say we're the first."


The Long Now Foundation is all about long term thinking. Founders believe that mankind is moving into a state of perpetually short term thinking and attentions spans. Developed to promote much longer term solutions the Foundation believes that creatively fostering responsibility in the framework of the next 10,000 years is vital to our survival as a civilization.  In order to bring as many new members as possible the Long Now Foundation has decided to begin offering Bitcoin as one of the options for donations.


Vapor Shops

Vaping is becoming quite popular and now users can purchase vaps using Bitcoin at We Vape Here, an online vapor product shop that offers products such as bottles of vapor, batteries, accessories and more. Flavors include creamy vanilla bean ice cream, ice cold chocolate milk, and very subtle slightly baked buttery banana. They also sell electronic cigarettes and mods in various flavors as well. Finally, they have a decent selection of greeting cards.


Dental Services

The fact that some dentists are more innovative than others is borne out by the Lee Dental Group in Irvine, California. The possible problem with this was discovered by the Reddit community when it saw that the dentist first offered the new payment option and then, in the same post, claimed to be a customer. 


Some marketing plans do not work out as planned. But this does not mean that the Dental office is not accepting Bitcoin. The ‘Bitcoin Dentist’ commented:

“I was pretty pumped about completing a bitcoin transaction. I never thought anybody would ever use it as a payment method. Which is why we wanted to document the whole thing and share it online.

The whole thing was pretty straightforward. He had a coinbase account and wanted to pay using coin rather than traditional visa/mastercard. The transaction fees are cheaper so why not?

I’m a big fan of btc and what it potentially stands for, which is why I agreed to accept it. I could have easily just have taken cash in USD, but if given the opportunity- why not support a new more honest system?”

High End Retail Goods is an online retail shop with a wide selection of products, many from top name brands such as Dior, Smashbox, Sony, Microsoft and Prada. 

Zental logo

The company announced that it will be accepting Bitcoin on Reddit and said that they have been fans of Bitcoin since 2012, when the value was only about $5 per Bitcoin. The website has seven sections, each with many subcategories. The main categories include Apparel & Accessories, Arts & Entertainment, Electronics, Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, Sporting Goods and “Other”.

E-Commerce Solutions

PlentyMarkets works as an e-commerce Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that offers businesses large and small to combine all of their online business processes in one package for cost savings and efficiency and to make things easier and less expensive for their customers they have begun to accept Bitcoin as a payment option. Users are able to interface with major online markets such as eBay, Amazon, meinPaket, Hitmeister and more and also include a stock management system.

PlentyMarkets logo

Irish Pub Loses Bitcoin

Not all the news is good, however. Across the Irish Sea in Dublin the Baggot Inn in city center has decided to suspend their accepting of Bitcoin because of “ongoing issues” concerning the legality of Bitcoin ATMs:

“We regret to announce that , due to ongoing issues regarding the legality of Bitcoin ATMs in the Republic of Ireland, we can no longer accept Bitcoin payments.“

Irish Pub

But other local businesses are not too worried about the announcement by the Irish Central Bank. Healy’s Lounge in Ballycastle, Co Mayo for instance has no problem. The pub has sold more than 200 pints using Bitcoin and to date has no problem continuing this success.

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