Now that PayPal merchants are allowed to accept Bitcoin as payment, the list of Bitcoin merchants is presumably expected to expand significantly. Since the announcement last week, there have been a dozen new merchants that have added cryptocurrencies as a new payment option for customers.

Bitcoin for Medical Marijuana, Pizza

The first on the list comes to us from Vancouver, Canada. The Medical Marijuana dispensary, Mega Chill, located next to its affiliate and first marijuana-pizza shop in North America, Mega ILL Pizzeria, which will both be accepting Bitcoin.

Mega ILL Pizzeria

The dispensary can be found at 644 Kings Way in East Vancouver. The two businesses are associated with each other and are operated by Rocky Tolfree and Matt Jung. There is a dispensary, DabBar and Vapor Lounge, which are open between 1pm and 10pm daily and are one of only two medical marijuana dispensaries that offer the world famous Chocolope Kush.

Political Donations, Ultra Conservative Style

In the United States, predominantly liberal states are often called “Blue states” and conservative-leaning states are called “Red states.” The State of Louisiana can only be classified as one of the reddest of the deep red states.

US Blur-Red states

Despite this, however, the Louisiana Republican Party is now accepting donations in Bitcoin as well as fiat currency. While their political beliefs would give real Liberal nightmares, these beliefs are shared by a very large percentage of Americans and this will certainly help Republicans generate new campaign donations.

Louisiana Republican Party accept BTC

Gift Cards and More is a gift card swap shop that allows users to buy discounted gift cards to retail merchants, restaurants and more at a good price. Some of the better known stores include Walmart, Lowes, Starbucks, Home Depot, Sports Authority and Southwest Airlines.

CardFlip site has been reported on by FoxNews, CNN, ABC, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal. The customer service team is available for questions Monday-Saturday, 8am-4:30pm. The variety is extensive and all cards come with a 45-day guarantee and purchases are protected by a multilayer SSL security. Once you make your purchase you will receive your card via email (printable) within 12 hours. Customers using BTC also save 2% on orders over US$500.

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Tuff & Needle is a premium mattress company that has been reported on by CNN Money, FoxNews and Fortune. John Thomas, co-founder of Tuft & Needle, went on reddit 10 months ago asking users to teach him about integrating Bitcoin payments:

“Hello /r/bitcoin, I am John Thomas from Tuft & Needle. We are pretty new to BTC but firmly believe in its potential for revolutionizing our economy for the better. We also understand that BTC needs widespread adoption among merchants to flourish in the consumer wallet.”

Tuff & Needle accepting BTC

Now, the new transparent BTC payment option resonates well with their mission in the mattress industry to cut out greed, mediocrity and middlemen.

Nerdvana: Comic Book at Dynamite Digital

Dynamite Digital is the place to go for comic books of all types. If you are a comic book aficionado and love Bitcoin Dynamite Digital is the place to shop. The selection is relatively large and seems to be representative of the genre and all are 100% digital so there is no wait for the mail. 

Dynamite Digital accepting bitcoin

"This is an exciting day here at Dynamite combining both, our accepting Bitcoin as an option for payments, and at the same time announcing our biggest introductory bundle to date to commemorate our 10th Anniversary," says Nick Barrucci, CEO and Publisher of Dynamite Entertainment. "Setting up Bitcoin payments through our DRM-Free store has been a goal since Day One. As we continue to blaze a new trail with Dynamite Digital, we are proud to provide existing fans and expand our fan base with increasingly accessible means of participating in the digital comics experience, which - as recent data has proven - benefits the overall comics market through consumer transition to printed material."