FinTech Digest: Number 26 Predicts FinTech Future, Former Google Exec Launches ClearScore, ‘The Young Turks’ Accepts Bitcoin

The CEO of FinTech startup Number 26 predicts the financial ecosystem that will replace banks, Dan Cobley launches a startup that offers consumers free credit checks, “The Young Turks” dips its toes into Bitcoin, and more top stories from this week in FinTech.

This Berlin Startup Thinks It Can Create a FinTech Ecosystem That Will Replace Banks

According to the CEO of FinTech startup Number 26, Valentin Stalf, the unbundling of bank services (savings, loans, money transfers) by separate, individual FinTech startups are going to change, soon. Business Insider reports:

“Stalf thinks that after the unbundling of financial products that we are seeing now — where each fintech startup takes on a specific niche — there will be a rebundling of services, with startups plugging into one another and working together.”

Former Google Exec Launches FinTech Startup

Former managing director of Google UK, Dan Cobley, has a new FinTech startup offering free credit checks. The name of the company is ClearScore, and at its helm is former Capital One Vice President Justin Basini. From Finextra: