The fight against the Coronavirus pandemic has reached the spheres of GPU mining, as the U.S. chip manufacturer NVIDIA launched a proposal for all users to use their computer resources to help the cause.

Through Reddit, the technology firm said that the “Folding@home” initiative was open to receive donations of unused GPU computing power and thus distribute it to an international processing power network to research COVID-19 and other diseases.

The company extended the call to other gaming industry companies, such as Steel Series, NZXT and Razer, even hearing back from Intel Gaming and MSI, who responded to the thread posted on Twitter by NVIDIA.

Although the invitation was directly focused on gamers, cryptocurrency miners can also participate in the proposal, due to the amount of technological and hardware resources used for mining.

Several fronts covered by the initiative to fight against COVID-19

Most of the projects listed within Folding@home to fight the coronavirus outbreak with donated GPU power aim to find a potential vaccine, identify a protease that acts as an inhibitor of the virus or isolate an antibody and get more information on COVID-19’s mutation. 

Coronavirus’ effects on crypto conferences across the globe

The global emergency remains in place, as the COVID-19 pandemic has caused several governments to take drastic measures to prevent its spread. Cointelegraph previously reported that such decisions have caused crypto conferences to be canceled, and some of them postponed.