Blockchain technology enables value to be encapsulated and sent securely and efficiently around the world, the primary example being cryptocurrencies. However, the potential of this technology is only starting to be realized and is already impacting different industries. One sector ripe for such disruption is the gaming industry. With nonfungible tokens (NFTs), the rewards players earn on/with the items they buy are no longer siloed on a single platform with no real-world value. As these developments are still in their nascent stages, many gamers are relegated to merely buying digital property, interacting with digital neighbors, or battling digital creatures.

Now, inspired by mythical fast-play games from Korea, a new multiplayer online strategy game built on blockchain technology offers gamers a chance to immerse themselves in a world rich with mythology, quests and a unique combat mode, all while being able to earn crypto by playing.

In “Arker: The Legend of Ohm,” players take on the role of a hero and his loyal pet as they fight to regain control of the kingdom of Ohm. Being a multiplayer game, players are encouraged to form clans with other characters of different classes to defeat other clans (player vs. player) and enemies within the game (player vs. environment). Each week, the strongest clan takes control of Ohm, giving them control over the ARKER mines, which allows each member to earn an extra bonus of the valuable mineral.

Based on the play-to-earn model, players can earn ARKER through a variety of different ways, but primarily through battling, a system which the creators developed uniquely for this game. Players must prepare their character by equipping them with a helmet, armor, weapon, boots and 8 abilities, then place a wager in ARKER.

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The game features a novel matchmaking system that chooses the most suitable player among the available ones so that the difference between levels of both parties is minimized. To do this, the system initially searches for a rival with a maximum difference of up to three levels. If one cannot be found, the search range is extended to a difference of six levels. If a rival still cannot be conjured, the hero will fight against a balanced bot in their place.

After randomly selecting who goes first, the system then randomly selects four of their eight equipped abilities for each hero. The first player has 30 seconds to choose one of their four abilities, as well as an amount of energy to use along with that ability. Once selected, the other player is then notified of which ability the opponent will use, but not the amount of energy to be used. Once both have been chosen, the player using a more powerful ability does damage to the other. The battle concludes when one player has exhausted all his life, or both players have used their four abilities.

At the end of the battle, both players are rewarded with experience and gold. In addition to a greater amount of experience and gold, the winning player receives 95% of the ARKER wagered on the match. The gold won allows players to purchase “skins boxes,” while players can use ARKER to purchase Arks that contain six items. Four items are normal, a fifth will have a 50% chance of being ordinary, 40% of being rare and 10% of being extraordinary, while a sixth will have a 70% chance of being rare and 30% of being extraordinary. All items can be traded on the Arker Marketplace and can be exchanged for real world value.

With the anticipated launch of the ARKER token, the game will be available on Android, iOS platforms.

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