Five years to the day programmer Laszlo Hanyecz paid 10,000 bitcoins for pizza, the event is being marked throughout the Bitcoin industry, drawing in the likes of Snapcard and BitPay.

Since the now-infamous purchase was made with the help of Bitcointalk in 2010, May 22 has become something of a red letter day for Bitcoin enthusiasts, providing a chance to reflect on the unpredictability of cryptocurrency and the speed with which things can change.


This year has seen a more concerted effort to use the occasion constructively, however, with BitPay teaming up with the NY Bitcoin Group to allow anyone to purchase pizza for disadvantaged children with Bitcoin. 

Group member Chris Dosch said in a press release issued for the occasion:

“The fact that someone halfway around the world can have pizza delivered to a children's hospital without having to enter credit card info, or get hit with international fees is a great demonstration of this technology and a perfect way to celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day.”

Donors can use BitPay’s dedicated form to pledge funds which will be used by Papa John’s in Albany, New York to provide pizza to children at the Bernard & Millie Duker Children's Hospital at Albany Medical Center.

BitPay’s communications manager Julia Patterson was keen to point out the ease with which Bitcoin donations can be put to direct use.

“While bitcoin may originally have been used to buy pizza, it's now being used to help in Nepal's disaster relief and to fight childhood illnesses […] it's changed thousands of lives for the better and is set to change many more in the future.”

Separately, Bitcoin merchant and wallet provider Snapcard has launched a scheme giving US customers the chance to purchase delivery pizza to any US address within range courtesy of Domino’s Pizza. The options are somewhat more limited than the traditional menu, consisting of either a margherita or pepperoni pizza, but those using the service will receive a discount in the form of a partial refund awarded 2-3 days after the transaction.

Elsewhere, a combined Twitter and Reddit campaign is this year seeking to get the BitcoinPizzaDay hashtag trending to mark the occasion.