ProducTank has released its first mobile game to educate players about cryptocurrencies, and offer them the opportunity to earn Bitcoins, or Gamerholic Coins, among other rewards.

Grabbit players can win bitcoins, gamerholic coins, gift cards, video games and a lot more. Sengbe claims, it is a game that demonstrates the ProducTank approach to creative gamification and amplify where and on what Gamerholic coins (GHC) can be used.

Cryptocurrency education through gaming

The Co-Founder of ProducTank, Anari Sengbe tells Cointelegraph that Grabbit is the first mobile game for ProducTank, which validates his company’s approach of educating the masses on cryptocurrency, through gaming.

Anari Sengbe says:

“Anyone can play grabbit, young or old, I can only hope it's also a game that will be played all over the world thanks to bitcoin prizes. Anyone can jump into a grabbit game.”

Product Tank

A Grabbit live game begins when the minimum required number of players are in the game. Each player gets 25 or more Free Grabs at the start of the game. To slap the grabs off other players or go through the grabbit hole, will cost a player $0.25.

Boosting interest in crypto in the gaming world

Sengbe says that Grabbit will definitely bring more visibility to cryptocurrencies in the gaming world. The feedback has been positive so far, describing the game as being addictive and emotional. The major attraction is that players can always win cool cash playing Grabbit.

Anari Sengbe to Cointelegraph says:

“The future is clearly going to be virtual reality and no one should take of their goggles to pull out their credit cards. Our best hopes is that the game gets very popular and increase the interest for crypto in the gaming world.”

He also hints that with the NBA playoffs around the corner, maybe there'll be some play-off tickets up for grabs.