Former CEO of Satoshi Labs Alena Vranova joins the show again to spill the bits about her new role at Trezor and the future of their hard wallets. Alena touches on why she chose to step down from Satoshi Labs as CEO and rest assure they weren’t left hangin. It’s easy to see why Trezor caught her eye, since she’s looking at the future. Hard wallets are about to change the game, all over again. Don’t believe me? Press play, PAB!

Another one on one on the scoreboard for Doctor Corey Petty, as he single handedly knocks this one outta the park. Of course Alena couldn’t spill all the bits, oh the metaphors, but Corey always seems to find a way to charm a guest into revealing teasing indications.

Trezor 2.0 sounds like an encrypted Fort Knox for digital assets and media files. This is what the world's been waiting for, without even knowing it. If John McAfee has taught me anything, it's to be paranoid. It’s companies like Trezor that rest my mind at ease. Thank Satoshi for Trezor, get it.

“There’s another part to the story, my personal part.”

- Alena Vranova

Satoshi Labs is the leader in bitcoin and bitcoin accessories. They're the single parent company behind Trezor, Splash Pool and Coinmap, each highly reputable crypto related companies. We’re excited to have their former CEO back on our show. We take this opportunity to inquire what Satoshi Labs future plans could possibly be for 2017 as well as a request to peek up Trezor’s sleeve.

“Is it to say ‘is it good news or is it bad news’ it is good news.”

- Alena Vranova

Alena and Corey seamlessly conversate, it’s hardly an interview. The questions come off so natural and off the cuff it’s like eavesdropping on two friends just talking. Corey as always has a few hard hitters, but the personal questions really balance the flow, unfortunately Alena can only say so much. Alena does however, drop exclusive bombs on our show, answering all her unreplied emails at once.

“This is something completely new in the privacy space.”

- Alena Vranova

It’s exciting to hear exactly what Trezor is doing. This is really next level shit we’re talking about, put on your grown up pants. Trezor 2.0 will set the bar 10 notches higher than expectations, and that’s being conservative.

The slogan for 2017 should be one for privacy, some like encrypt all things digital or if it isn’t secure it isn’t yours. If you agree, the good news is Alena told Corey, Trezor 2 will be available in a few months.

If hardware wallets, privacy and security tickle your fancy, consider your fancy tickled.

Can you explain bitcoin in ten words or less?

“Bitcoin is so much more than just cash.”

- Alena Vranova