Have you seen the price of bitcoin? Screams with happiness passes out Truely a holiday gift from above, we have lots to talk about. Picture now, a perfect cozy yule log fireplace scene, I just topped off your eggnog, and you're settled in for a nice long bitcoin conversation between friends. Elais Player, who just happens to be a listener who chats with us in our slack, is our guest this X-Mas day as we dive deep into all thing bitcoin. Elais is a software engineer, cryptocurrency enthusiast, and aspiring fantasy writer. He originally got into crypto while exploring alternate transaction models for a fledgling magic system. Soon, however, he found the community to be infectious and the potential of cryptocurrency to be really inspiring, so he decided to put skin in the game. Now, in addition to writing and developing, he thinks a lot about blockchains and their growth as platforms for innovation, community, and artistry.