Get out the marshmallows because this episode is intense, pun intended.

Now, bear with us as we experienced technical difficulties with slight audio annoyance from Roman’s mic. Nevertheless, the content is pure fire, so hopefully those Airpods you got from Santa are retardant.sizzle*

Roman Mandeleil from Ether.Camp moseies on over to the campfire to speak with the trio, about all things Ethereum. Roman uses our platform to discusses Ether.Camp’s most recent hackathon and his top 3 favorite projects. He goes on to explain his vision of Ether.Camp and its future goals. Listen to Roman express how he took his passion for hacking and social networking and combined the two, creating Ether.Camp. You’ll get a strong idea on just how the community behind Ethereum development communicate and cooperate throughout the world. Learn why developers are utilizing Roman’s social hackathon project Ether.Camp. It's probably because Roman is a visionary, comparable to Vitalik, on the fact they both seen the purpose for an altcoin and blockchain like Ethereum. Roman's anything but a hack, pun.

“This is why our hackathon took 5 weeks…”

- Roman Mandeleil

In this interview Roman gives us his perspective on the fraud allegations surrounding around him and his project Ether.Camp’s latest hackathon. Clearly these are empty accusations, just press play for more details. We also asked Roman to explain the point and purpose of an ICO, initial coin offering. Basically, these are digital kickstarters for a blockchain, but why are they even a thing..?

Literally, there’s a metaphorical ton of useful information in this conversation between the trio and Roman.

“Startups today don’t go door to door.”

- Roman Mandeleil

This is the episode that’ll show just how and why other blockchains are warranted in the cryptocurrency space. There’s much more to a blockchain than storage of value, and it’s called storage of information. Smart contracts are the future of apps that’ll run on the blockchain, which is the future of the internet. Just like how the internet changed everything, blockchains here do step it up a notch.

Ethereum and Bitcoin both have blockchains that will physically change the world and how we interact with not it and each other. Don’t believe me? Well, listen and get on my level! This is Crypto!!!

Can you explain blockchain in ten words or less?

“Complete freedom of controlling your value and property.”

- Roman Mandeleil