ChaChing! Check out this week’s receipt. Sparing all costs, we got Stephen Pair the CEO of BitPay in the metaphorical studio, being interviewed by the notorious duo, known as Corey and Cello. Stephen and the guys speculate on a vas variety of topics like BitPay’s newest app, Copay, bitcoin debit cards, adoption and the future of their company as a whole. This is one interview you can’t afford to miss. This is a no charge, tax free, fee free episode, powered by Cointelegraph.

Also while Cello was browsing his Twitter feed he came across an entrepreneur who was trying to find more info using blockchain in his country. His country just happened to be Cambodia, which stands as the 15th most corrupt nation in the world. Perhaps it was fate which made us meet Rithy Thul, co-founder of Smallworld Cambodia. He joins us for the roundtable.

BitPay is probably the biggest contributor to bitcoin adoption, via ease of on-ramping. Their point of sales system for accepting bitcoin, at 1% exchange, makes it business as usual for small business owners out there, esp those who are layman's to this new technology. Click here to learn how to accept bitcoin.

“As a payment system and store of value bitcoin is still relatively new.”

- Stephen Pair

Bitcoin, BitPay, Visa and the IRS-oh my! There’s plenty to take from this interview, just don’t take it for granite. 

After breaking the ice with our very prestigious guest Stephen, our hosts Corey and Cello start wooing us with what could easily be this year’s most bittersweet interview.

The way Stephen speaks about bitcoin and BitPay, is extremely eye opening. You can’t ignore the stalwart passion in his voice and his educated enthusiasm is overwhelming. Corey and Dee grill Stephen with rapid fire questioning, covering all the top topics, from investment potential to use case probability and even BitPay’s future. No topic is safe in this interview. Get the scoop on BitPay’s next step, speculate on their competition and maybe even get some exclusive chatter. Stephen speaks on all things bitcoin, without missing the opportunity to touch on alt coins and their contribution and potential. This might be a short interview, but damn it’s sweet!

Adoption is everything, luckily BitPay is bridging the commerce gap between retailers and customers, forging adoption one transaction at a time. Understanding how BitPay contributes to bitcoin adoption brings you one step closer to seeing the true potential of bitcoin, even past  transfer of value. There’s tons of intuitive foresight to benefit from in this interview, for example: on how bitcoin offers more than just a money use case but rather an alternative investment portfolio option via a digital asset class. As always there’s much to gain from listening to our episodes, and as usual we keep it interesting. So, listen and learn, you PAB’s. 

“We view payments sorta like being speech.”

- Stephen Pair

Wow, Bitpay totally hit the mark. Stephen is a remarkable person and listening to him speak is nothing short of inviolable. Certainly my favorite conversation to spectate to date. As someone who manages a small business, might be slight biest here, I believe BitPay is the biggest contributor to adoption by playing the role of a bitcoin point of sales platform. We already have a place like Coinbase, an exchange where you can get bitcoin, and now we have BitPay, an exchange where a business can accept bitcoin as ‘money’.

The potential savings cost per transaction in total is unprecedented when compared to the RFID fees Visa is hitching to their system, like a damn shotgun wedding. Yes, it’s for safety, but at what cost.

This episode is a behind the scenes unveiling for life after a purchased bitcoin.

Can you describe bitcoin in ten words or less?

"Bitcoin is the best innovation i’ve seen in my lifetime."

- Stephen Pair