Poloniex Spreads its Bitcoin Loss Among all Users

Poloniex – online trade for the most popular cryptocurrencies has suffered a hacker attack, making it lose 12.3% of all Bitcoin it held.

A month haven’t passed since exchanges were under a severe pressure from hacker attacks on all the major exchanges and services, the event that even lead the used-to-be mighty Mt.Gox to its infamous demise.


The Attack

Poloniex owner Tristan D’Agosta explained the situation to the service’s users. He told that the attack was making use of the glitch when many withdrawals are made in the short period of time. When it happens, the balance becomes negative but the program that collects withdrawals still sends them to a glitched wallet.

The Poloniexs’s team reaction was fast nevertheless. On the 4th of March, when it happened, the attack was stopped and the service halt its work for a day. On the 5th the market was unfrozen and D’Agosta made an important decision – all balances were evened out to lose these 12.3%.