USDT/USD 26.05.2017

The main fact to take into account, is that after such a rally rate of exchange differs significantly on many exchanges. In some places, it is due to local policies, in others - news buzz on exchange. Today expensive USDT has been added to the list. Right now one USDT (Tether) is worth $1.06, although it should have parity with the original dollar.

After such a fast growth it is expectable that traders will want to stay where they are, and the fastest way is USDT.

When closing a deal don’t forget whether you trade pairs against USD or USDT.

PS Right now it’s already $1.03 for one USDT.

Tether (USDT)

All ideas and levels considered below are made against original USD.

BTC/USD 26.05.2017


Amid Consensus 2017 conference and the issues that were negotiated there, BTC has shown a super growth. On the daily chart, all global support levels have been left far behind. Right now BTC price is influenced largely by its fundamental component, this what makes traders and investors buy, therefore creating BTC rate growth.

Fundamental facts that influence BTC growth, briefly.

  • Segwit2mb agreements
  • Rootstock sidechain
  • ETF registration expectations

All these factors have been discussed on Consensus 2017.

Technically, to see a support zone you should descend to 4h timeframe.


It is not a very strong level, but right now this precise level has been imposed by sellers as a starting point for at least some struggle.

Considering possible correction, the $2,300 zone if volumes are enough, will be a good level for buying.

A slight correction is also likely after the end of Consensus 2017, the only place that looks good and where the price will head in such scenario is $2,300 price.

On the current market news and fundamental changes play an important role, so do watch the news.

ETH/USD 26.05.2017

Ethereum/Dollar, 240, BTCE

ETH made its way this week from $90 to $193.

Once again, both the fundamental strength of the project and the news have played their role. From important news - Samsung will join EEA (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance).

But, compared to BTC, ETH has more vivid support zones.

  • If current volatility remains, $170 zone will be good for buying.
  • Resistance zone shaping is possible. It is currently in the $193 to $200 zone at the chart, the main struggle is taking place there for now.
  • If there is no news, $170 to $200 channel shaping looks very likely.

On such a market, selling is not the best idea but buys are worth considering. Therefore, waiting for a correction and more vivid signals is a good strategy for the next week.

LTC/USD 25.05.2017

Litecoin/Dollar, D, BITFINEX

LTC has been rather still and that has led to the shaping of the $24 to $33 trade channel.

Technically, we have the following picture:

  • volatility preservation is expected
  • $24 support zone looks strong
  • resistance zone $33 looks strong

If the price bounces back, buys from the $24 level is a good idea.

$33 resistance zone hitting is unlikely, so even a short from current levels with $24 goals looks good. However, it is not a recommended action, since there is an uptrend pressure.

Hitting $33 and fixation above the level looks unlikely.

Technically, LTC/USD is one of the best pairs for trading right now.