The recent news from the bitcoin world can be evaluated both positive and negative, but as we know all kind of publications except the necrologue is a very valuable type of advertising. Same has happened to bitcoin – closing of the black market leader Silk Road, taking to custody its owner Ross Ulbricht, Baidu to accept digital coins for their services, smaller vendors to offer bitcoin as payment method for their customers buying products and services and many other have led to a logical rise of prices for the currency. The exchange rates are also going up as the price is reaching history second high peak of about 900 dollars for a single BTC. For those, who do not remember how it all started it is necessary to mention that the prices went fast up as once they were less than a dollar.

Same reasons can be named for an interested of traders of Forex and similar services. Now it is possible to play and earn on the fluctuations of the course between fiat and digital money.

Another great step forward is the recognition of bitcoin by its longtime opponent the Government of the Unites States of America. This is the reason for the interest even from official financial institutions – from banks, who earlier tried to turn its back to the perspective coin.

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