Renowned photographer and filmmaker, Lyle Owerko, is selling his digital artwork on Nifty Gateway — a blockchain platform backed by the Gemini crypto exchange.

Owerko, whose patrons include Madonna and Jay-Z, is auctioning works that are part of his Boombox Project. The limited-edition virtual artworks being sold feature illustrations of Boomboxes in various colors at prices ranging from $20 to $2,500. The sale page reads:

“In Lyle's marketplace, you will find some of Lyle Owerko’s trademark pieces. He has been working on The Boombox Project since 2005. Works from The Boombox Project are collected by the biggest names in the music industry. Previously, the Boombox Project has encompassed photographs and sculptures - and now, a collection of Nifties on Nifty Gateway. There are 6 sets of Nifties available, each containing different quantities and price points.”

Owerko became famous after capturing the horrors of 9/11 as a photographer, his art is focused on depicting the modern age. During his life, he worked for Time Magazine, MTV, Sundance Channel, and others. According to his Nifty page:

“Lyle Owerko has embraced this technology and medium from the beginning. He has constantly been excited about his Nifty project and truly believes in the adoption of Nifties as an artistic medium.”

Tokenized artworks

Blockchain-based tokens can potentially render investable assets such as artworks more accessible. NFTs also ensure the uniqueness of each digital asset and avoid piracy and duplication. As Cointelegraph reported in mid-March, the Nifty Gateway is now the first dollar-based exchange for non-fungible tokens.

Paris-based artist, Ben Elliot, recently launched a token that will supposedly be tied to the value of his career and artistic output.