The organizers of “The Founders’ Festival”, Bits and Pretzels have announced September 25 -27 as the date for its annual conference for 2016.

From a breakfast meeting to a world conference

Speaking to Cointelegraph, Co-organizer of the event Christoph Hering says that what has now become a major startup event which brings together the world’s top entrepreneurs actually began as a breakfast meeting for the founders of the Munich startup ecosystem.

Bits & Pretzels has become a major startup event in Europe hosted by Andreas Bruckschlögl, Bernd Storm van’s Gravesande and Felix Haas.

Founded in 2014, Bits & Pretzels takes place every year in Munich. Under the theme “from founders for founders”, the most famous entrepreneurs from all around the world, as well as young ambitious entrepreneurs, meet to share and discuss experiences and trends.

The first two days will be in the International Congress Center in Munich where participants can enjoy an exciting program with keynote speeches, workshops, panel discussions and a startup competition. Day three houses the networking opportunities in a separate tent at the original Oktoberfest.

Who should attend?

The target audience for this year's event according to Hering includes 4000 founders, 500 investors and 300 journalists from across the globe.

Hering says to Cointelegraph:

“As a conference from founders for founders, we know what startups are looking for and try to help them with the conference as much as we can. Founders always have to focus on their business and visiting a conference should get a significant value. We are giving our best to connect them with the suitable VC’s, corporates and journalist to help them grow their business.”

Hering continues by saying that the founders festival brings together the world’s leading entrepreneurs and investors to share their ideas on emerging technologies and trends in digital business. Attendees can expect high quality speeches, exciting panel discussions, startup-specific workshops, as well as unique matchmaking and networking opportunities, with a grand finale at the original Oktoberfest.

Endless opportunities

Hering is sure that Bits & Pretzels attendees will be truly excited to have the opportunity to experience future trends and technology within their 6 clusters.

He says:

“Each cluster will also be represented by handpicked startups at our Startup Exhibition and will have their own two-hour pitch slot on our separate pitch stage. Startups will also get special content at the Startup Academy where unique masterclasses are waiting for them - e.g. within the Money Cluster we will have a separate Blockchain Track, as well as a FinTech and InsureTech Slot on Stage.”

The highlight of this year's event is an appearance by the famous Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson who will give handpicked insights into how he has become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

A lot of other top-class speakers will also attend. Among others, Nathan Blecharzcyk, founder of airbnb, Mitchell Baker, Chairwoman of Mozilla Foundation, and Steve Hafner, founder of KAYAK. The full list of speakers can be found here.

Hering explains:

“As we have a new networking tool where attendees can schedule meetings even before the beginning of the event and a unique networking opportunity at the Oktoberfest, we expect high-class networking. The startup scene united in one Oktoberfest tent is a once-in-a-lifetime finale of a startup conference. Startups will find investors, business angels will get access to new ideas, journalists will discover the latest trends in tech, and corporates will get in contact with the founders of the future.”

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