“Bit for the Good Future” Charity Fund reached out to Roberto Carlos asking for help in the development of child football in India. The fund’s aim is to attract the famous footballer to the problems of child football development. Its founder, Stanislav Belov-Vysotckiy (Markus Bergman) believes that the development of child sport is essential for the development of elite sports.

“Bit for the Good Future” was founded by a student of St.Petersburg Lesgaft Institute, Stanislav Belov-Vysotckiy. He started taking Bitcoin donations through the Facebook community page and buying all necessary writing equipment for schools. Two weeks ago he moved to India to give love and help to poor children in India.

As a young coach he found himself close to the development of football and football in India surely needs to be developed. Belov-Vysotckiy told Cointelegraph:

“There are only a few football schools that teach children how to play football. For example, there is an affiliate of Paris Saint Germain, but this organization takes only the chosen children. And what about all the rest of them?

My Fund can popularize football learning in ordinary schools by providing them with all the necessary equipment”.

First steps of Charity: Publicity is the Way of Trust

“Bit for the Good Future” was established four months ago with Belov-Vysotckiy creating a Facebook community page and a Bitcoin wallet for people to donate. Since then, it has collected several minor Bitcoin donations, which have been spent on the equipment for poor children. There are photos of all the purchased merchandise on the Fund’s Facebook page.

As a way to gain popularity for his project, Belov-Vysotckiy plans to contact Roberto Carlos, a living football legend and a coach of Delhi Dynamos FC. He is sure that the support of such famous person would definitely draw some attention to “Bit for the Good Future” even if Roberto doesn’t make any donations himself.

Belov-Vysotckiy said:

“I would like to talk to Roberto Carlos about my project. Not because I’m his fan but because he is really able to help. Not only by making donations, but just by showing his support for my initiative. I will make a photo of us together and post in on “Bit for the Good Future’s” page. And, surely, this can draw people’s attention to my work and raise the level of trust”.

“I know it is hard to trust such an organization because there are still many frauds in this sphere. But I provide photo reports on all purchases on the Facebook page together with sales checks, so the donors can make sure I don’t take any money for myself. For now, I still have around $70 to spend,” add Stanislav Belov-Vysotckiy.

Roberto Carlos

World Charity Initiative of Stanislav Belov-Vysotckiy

As we may see, Stanislav Belov-Vysotckiy is a devoted person with an open heart, determined to help children in India. And not only in India, by the way. Stanislav plans to travel to other countries as well. If his charitable initiative succeeds in India he will travel around the world helping children and developing football.

“If I succeed doing my job here, I plan to go to another country next year. Because I want to help people and there are really lots of things I can do with “Bit for the Good Future”.