Bitcoin Unlimited proponent Roger Ver has said he would dump his BTC holdings in the event of a hard fork.

In an interview with MadBitcoins on Sunday, Ver, who is reported to have around 300,000 Bitcoins, confirmed he would bulk buy the would-be BTU with BTC.

He said:

“I will sell my coins on the slow, expensive Core chain and use the proceeds from that [...] to buy some of the more useful Bitcoins because Bitcoin Unlimited coins will be so much more useful.”

A forthright Ver continued his optimism on Tuesday, appearing to accept an offer from known Bitcoin bagholder Loaded on Bitcointalk to exchange BTU for BTC at a rate of 1:1 in the future.

The offer was originally included on the Blockchain, signed from a wallet containing 40,000 coins. The trade offer, however, was made for “up to 130,000.”

“This sounds like a great deal for both of us. I look forward to ironing out the exact details and terms. I'm super busy for the next 48 hours, but would love to connect after that,” Ver replied.

Ver’s headstrong perspective comes amid continued criticism of Bitcoin Unlimited’s approach to security. Tuesday saw a node shutdown due to a second bug, which developers attempted to fix with non-open source code. The code was then seemingly made public by mistake.