In a bid to explore the uses of Blockchain, financial companies will now have the opportunity to take part in the first training course by RiskTraining in London to find out more about the Blockchain and how they can implement it within their industry.

Since its inception, the growth of Blockchain has grown exponentially with the technology consistently dominating the news. While it was originally mentioned alongside Bitcoin, the focus of the technology has shifted slightly with more emphasis on Blockchain and how it can be used away from its original use.

How to Utilise Blockchain Technology in the Financial Markets will be run by course tutor Ron Quaranta, Chairman of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance on 29 June, 2016, where the one-day seminar format will delve into the exciting potential of Blockchain technology.

The impact of Blockchain on the financial industry

Speaking to Cointelegraph, RiskTraining spokesperson, Vincent-Van Beard, said that the format of the training will be more in line with a workshop, providing attendees with the opportunity to learn about Blockchain and the various impacts it can have on the financial industry.

He says:

“As a result, we are expecting delegates from many different institutions and job functions who all want to know more about this new technology.”

With 25 years of experience in the financial services and technology industry, Ron Quaranta is an accomplished executive and entrepreneur. As Chief Executive Officer of Digital Currency Labs, a financial technology and strategic advisory firm, he is focused on bridging the gap between the emerging world of digital currencies and Wall Street.

Prior to this, Quaranta served as CEO of DerivaTrust Technologies, a pioneering software and communications provider of secure transaction and information platforms for financial market participants.

Previous to this he held a number of roles at Thomson Reuters, the global news and information firm, culminating as Global Head of Trading Analytics.

The basics of Blockchain

The course will include an introductory discussion on understanding the basics of Blockchain, what it is and how it works before giving attendees exclusive insight into how a company can use Blockchain. Quaranta will also focus on the current regulation around Blockchain and the restrictions associated with it, in addition to the potential benefit to get around capital constraints.

On the final session of the day, Quaranta will be the moderator for a Blockchain panel alongside Igor Lobanov, Head of Systems Architecture at Legal & General; Michael Metcalfe, Head of Macro Strategy, State Street, and Jean-Marc Bonnefous, Managing Partner at Tellurian Capital.

Van Beard explains:

“We feel it is important now because we are already seeing banks trial Blockchain and believe that soon, it will find its way into mainstream banking. This course will hopefully offer people who are still new to the concept more information on how it works and how it can be used.”

Will London remain the centre of FinTech?

Of course, with the recent news of Britain voting to leave the European Union (EU) and with UK political confusion among the parties keeping world markets on edge, is it possible for London to remain the centre of FinTech in what is a tumultuous time? Despite the volatility of Bitcoin and the DAO dilemma, Van Beard seems to think so.

Van Beard says:

“I don’t think anyone really expected to wake up on Friday to find out that the UK had chosen to no longer be a part of the European Union. This will of course lead to a lot of uncertainty and the country now faces many difficult challenges as it tries to stabilise and move forward.”

He adds:

“However, the majority of Londoners voted to remain and I can see the capital working closely with the rest of the world to keep its standing in global finance and FinTech will definitely be important to this.”