The results of Yours founder Ryan X. Charles’ SegWit2x survey points to the overwhelming support of Bitcoin Core’s chain.

Over 4,000 people took part in the survey on Twitter, which quizzed them on which chain would be considered ‘Bitcoin’ after this month’s hard fork.

A total of 84 percent concluded the original chain would maintain its role as the ‘real’ Bitcoin.

While it is difficult to measure the authenticity of such survey results, respondents appear to echo increasing hostility towards SegWit2x, which is drawing in practically every business and figure in the cryptocurrency industry.

Even Bitcoin pioneer Nick Szabo has taken a public stance against the hard fork proposal, adding the now-ubiquitous ‘[NO2X]’ tag to his Twitter handle this week.

Szabo had been hinting at his opposition prior to the move, which now lends added legitimacy to the [NO2X] camp comprised of figures including Blockstream’s Samson Mow and Litecoin creator Charlie Lee.

The responses represent a slight embarrassment for Charles meanwhile, the entrepreneur having switched Yours to Bitcoin Cash in August.

“Our transactions are now on-chain. On Bitcoin Cash, you can send a one-cent transaction with a 0.15 cent fee. That works; that’s what we need for our app,” he told Cointelegraph and Dashforcenews journalist Joel Valenzuela at the time.