Messaging app SendChat, aims to boost mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies by allowing users to send and receive Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Darkcoin and Sendcoin - its own cryptocurrency - in a seamless manner.

SendChat uses the same open source script and infrastructure as Telegram, a popular cloud-based mobile and desktop app that focuses on speed and security that currently counts over 50 million users around the world.

SendChat hopes its "groundbreaking Bitcoin and cryptocurrency app will aid in the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies."

"By integrating cryptocurrency into a popular messaging app, we create a way for the average user to witness how easy it is to use," reads SendChat's whitepaper.

"Yes, there are wallets and yes there are messaging apps, but until now no company has been truly successful with making the entire process intuitive to the user and getting their idea to catch on."

SendChat will have the same features as Telegram, but with additional ones as well, including the "Send" feature, a simple button that will allow users to send cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Darkcoin and SendCoin, to their contacts.

"SendChat integration is great for Darkcoin as it brings cryptocurrencies to the masses," commented Philipp Engelhorn, press and media relations officer at Darkcoin.

He continued:

"SendChat will have access to the 50 million Telegram users. Coins still have to be sent through a separate app, SendChat, but it will be great for tipping and small fees. I believe that this is a new beginning of easy to use money transfers."

Focus on security

SendChat will be focused on convenience and ease of use, while keeping in mind security and user's privacy, the company said in an announcement.


The app will be using an Amazon EC2 DDoS mitigation provider to guarantee network stability and prevent attacks. All data will be encrypted using the SSL protocol, and stored safely, along with multi-signature functions.

Other SendChat's offerings include an in-app store, a news feed, donation features for NGOs and charities, a cryptocurrency educational program, and more.

The startup is currently holding a crowdfunding campaign on BlockTrust, a crowdfunding platform dedicated to blockchain projects, and is expected to release SendChat app v1 on March 3, 2015.

Launched in 2013 by the brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov, the founders of VK, Telegram is a cross-platform IM system that focuses on speed and security. As of December 2014, Telegram is said to generate 1 billion daily messages, with 1 million new users signing up every week. 

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