All eyes will be on the latest Bitcoin Conference in South-East Asia this month in light of an increasingly difficult scene for cryptocurrencies in China.

On 21-22 May, Coin Congress will hold its first conference event in Singapore. The event, described on its website as no less than “the most awesome digital currency event,” seeks to discuss the wider implications of the digital currency revolution on business.

“Coin Congress brings together the industry’s top thought leaders to share their insights on the overall state of digital currencies, and provides attendees with actionable takeaways for their businesses,” investor and Coin Congress advisor Brock Pierce told Bitcoin Magazine.

Among the high-profile attendees due to speak at the event are famous advocator Roger Ver and BTC China CEO Bobby Lee. Lee’s speech will no doubt draw considerable interest in light of the recent upheaval in China, with his exchange and four others announcing their withdrawal from next week’s Global Bitcoin Summit in Beijing in a recent joint statement.

Lee is also an official advisor of Coin Congress, along with Pierce and Bitcoin evangelist and investor Bradley Rotter. Other representatives of the local Bitcoin space will also be in attendance, such as Alex Liu, co-founder of Taiwanese MaiCoin.

The conference will also cover monetization, integration and user acquisition of Bitcoin and digital currencies to round out the event’s appeal to all demographics.

Registration for the two days is fairly inexpensive at $300 when purchased in advance. Registration is still open and more information is available here.