, a smart alarm clock DApp, powered by Syscoin’s smart contracts platform, challenges you to improve your wake-up routine and earn some money in the process.

If you snooze, you lose

If you are not some kind of superhuman, waking up in the morning is probably the first problem you have to deal with every day. We are all familiar with this routine: first, you have to set up a couple of alarms in the evening.

“I’ll get up with the first one,” you tell yourself as you close your eyes and prepare for a good night’s sleep. Albeit that never happens, because every single morning you keep hitting that ‘snooze’ button, barely managing to wake up at the last possible minute.

The worst part is, morning snoozing isn’t helping anyone and deep inside everyone knows that:

There is no end to all kinds of smart devices and apps that promise to fix this problem once and for all. Some use wristbands to measure your heart rate and other parameters, in order to wake you up at the optimal time.

Others offer complete integration with your daily schedules, as well as your sleeping room equipment, in an attempt to create an ideal environment for you to wake up to. Some even use a soothingly-voiced AI to gently get you up, instead of ruining your day first thing in the morning with a stinging “EH EH EH” sound of a regular alarm clock.

Keeping it to the basics

There is, however, one startup that decided to keep it really basic. is a smart alarm clock DApp, which gives you a choice to whether wake up with the first alarm and earn some money doing that or hit ‘snooze’ and kiss your Bitcoins goodbye.

Here’s how it works. First, every user deposits some Bitcoins to their app account. Before going to sleep, they make a commitment to wake up at a certain time or lose a certain amount of their money. If a user fails to get up on time and confirm it with the app, their funds are claimed by the system.

By the end of each month, all the funds, that the sleepy users have lost, are pooled together. Then, 90 percent of that money is redistributed back to those who have managed to meet their commitments and wake up on time throughout the month.

Importantly, all those operations aren’t managed by people. The app is closely integrated with Syscoin and its Blockchain and is governed by smart contracts - software rules enforced automatically by a decentralized network of computers. That leaves very little space for human error or manipulation.

Combining fintech and health care for a comprehensive experience isn’t stupid either, so don’t expect to be able to trick it by pressing a button and going back to sleep. It makes smart use of your phone’s native sensors, in order to ensure that you really are up and awake when you turn that alarm off.

“Oh bugger off buddy, if I could just get up willy-nilly like that, I would do it with or without the app!” is probably something you’re thinking right now. The developers get that, so earning or losing money based on your sleeping habits isn’t everything there is to it.

In fact, Neylor Zaurisio, the lead developer of the project, is from Brazil, a country, which is currently on the cutting edge of sleep studies. As such, he is making sure that the app provides all the necessary tools and advice to improve the healthiness of your sleeping schedule and help you start waking up more easily in the mornings.

Complete integration with Google Calendar, along with the similar services from Microsoft and Apple, allows to follow your day and alert you about every important event you have planned. also has an established partnership with Syscoin. The app can be useful to any person, not just an avid cryptocurrency enthusiast, so the two teams are working together to make the process of adopting crypto as easy as possible for a first-time user. Due to that commitment, offers both cryptocurrency and conventional USD/EUR/CNY payment methods.

The developers are currently running a crowdfunding campaign. A nice bonus for the early adopters is that 20 percent of all the contributions will be given back to the first 1,000 users to register in the app when it is launched.

If you believe that is the app that will finally help you get rid of waking-up-in-the-morning pain and would like to contribute, visit the project’s homepage, or its pages on Twitter or Facebook for more info.