Major German software firm SAP has accepted 27 new members to its collaborative Blockchain program. The new members came from various industries such as retail, pharmaceuticals, logistics, public services and telecommunication.

The new members of the initiative were announced at the SAP TechEd event in Barcelona, Spain on Nov. 14, 2017. The program aims to integrate Blockchain technology into the Internet of Things, manufacturing and digital supply chain solutions through the SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain service.

According to US manufacturing firm Benjamin Moore & Co.’s Joe Peraino, his company joined the program in order to explore Blockchain’s capability in streamlining operations across its supply chain.

"Our company is particularly eager to explore possibilities with transportation management and simplify the complexities that exist in today's paper-based systems."

Aside from Benjamin Moore & Co., the initiative’s new members include Deutsche Telekom.

Deutsche Telekom IT Senior Vice President (SVP) of Business Solutions, Hartmut Mueller, meanwhile, claimed that their partnership with SAP will facilitate digitization for the benefit of their customers.

“At Deutsche Telekom, we see a big potential for Blockchain technology in the telecommunication business. Our cooperation with SAP will speed up digitalization to the benefit of our customers.”

Brief details of the Blockchain program

According to SAP, its ‘Blockchain co-innovation initiative’ was established to promote cooperation on the development of distributed business processes through the use of peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. Under the program, Blockchain technology will be integrated into IoTs, manufacturing, and supply chains.

Other SAP projects and activities

SAP has also announced that it is joining the Spain-based Alastria consortium (formerly Red Lyra) and the Blockchain in Trucking Alliance (BiTA). By joining these groups, the software company aims to increase the adoption of Blockchain technology among its customers.

By participating in Alastria, SAP expects that its Blockchain ecosystem and network across the European region will be strengthened. Its membership at BiTA, meanwhile, is expected to expand its services in freight and transportation management.