A project that bills itself as the first decentralized, interoperable money market has announced it will be participating in Polkadot’s Sub0 conference on Oct. 15.

Equilibrium says it aims to open up the vast potential of the DeFi industry by offering services to the users of key crypto assets — people who were isolated until now.

The project’s blockchain has been built using Polkadot’s blockchain-building framework, developed by Parity Technologies, and Equilibrium is planning to expand its DeFi product line to deliver a “one-stop, cross-chain money market.”

During Polkadot’s event, Equilibrium senior analyst Peter Sergeev will give a speech entitled “Unlocking the vast potential of the DeFi market using Polkadot technology.”

The conference will also showcase features from Polkadot’s Substrate technology and reveal how prominent projects such as Equilibrium have been applying it.

“The beauty of the Substrate is that it is an easy-to-use framework which allows blockchain developers to build new decentralized solutions faster and more efficiently than ever before. Among Polkadot’s key features will be interoperability and scalability — in our view at Equilibrium, these are two key aspects for enabling DeFi,” Sergeev said.

DeFi’s next steps

According to Sergeev, cross-chain transfers of value and liabilities are the logical next step in the development of the decentralized finance sector.

In his speech, he plans to give an overview of why Equilibrium chose to build on Polkadot and reveal how the project’s developers have been contributing to Substrate’s technology with unique solutions such as sending multiple transactions into one block. Sergeev will also discuss how the ETH/EOS migration can be addressed and how Substrate allows Equilibrium to customize and account for the asset portfolios of individual users in terms of risk assessment.

Last but not least, Sergeev intends to outline Equilibrium’s milestones and the objectives of its testnet.

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Big changes

As reported by Cointelegraph in August, Equilibrium had best been known as an EOS-based DeFi project before it embarked on plans to develop a new interoperable platform on the Polkadot blockchain. With this step, the team is planning an expanded suite of products and intends to pave the way for the generalized lending of any asset.

In an interview at the time, the project’s CEO, Alex Melikhov, said Polkadot was chosen because its team “is committed to solving the technical limitations which still limit DeFi’s development on Ethereum.” He also praised the higher degree of decentralization on this network compared with some alternatives.

Equilibrium entered the testnet stage as an independent blockchain in September, and once Polkadot completes the rollout of sharding and parachains, the project will be integrated into the wider ecosystem.

The Substrate Developer Community Conference is going to take place online from 12 pm to 7 pm Central European Summer Time on Oct. 15 and will bring together blockchain developers and learners from around the world. This event aims to cater to those who are new to this technology and want to discover its capabilities, as well as current Substrate builders who want to expand upon their existing knowledge.

The speaker lineup includes Polkadot founder Gavin Wood and Fredrik Harrysson, the chief technology officer of Parity. Attendees will get a comprehensive explanation of what Substrate is before developer advocate Dan Forbes delves into the anatomy of a node. This will be followed by an in-depth look at parachains, the Substrate ecosystem, and fulfilling the promise of blockchain in the world of business. Sergeev is scheduled to speak at 3:55 pm CEST.

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