What do you get when you cross Dungeons & Dragons with blockchain technology? - A deckmaking fantasy game that rewards its players in actual crypto tokens.

Spells of Orbital is a unique combination of an arcade game and a trading card game, which will be published on smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android),” reads an anonymous post on CryptocoinTalk post by one of the game’s presumed developers. “Bitcoin will not only be a payment system to make an app purchase, but it will also work as a core of the whole game economy, system and background story.” 

From Physical Cards to Digital Tokens

EverdreamSoft is the game design company set to release Spells of Orbital. They’re also responsible for releasing an earlier online trading card game Moonga. What the team learned from running Moonga set the stage for Spells of Orbital. The anonymous developer says:

“We saw some of our players trading rare cards in the game for more than 1,000 USD. . . A whole economy had emerged in the game. Then we thought how we could go beyond that and leverage digital goods ownership. This is how Bitcoin naturally emerged.” 

Mining, Buying and Trading

The game’s native token will be called a Gem, and players can purchase “mines” with Bitcoin that will then produce gems for them. The gems are used within the game itself.

Players can also buy gems outright without needing to purchase a mine. In this case, all mine-owners will split a reward of the same number of gems that were purchased directly. The gems can also be sold for Bitcoin within the game, and all the transactions will take place through Counterparty. “[Uninitiated] people will get into Bitcoin easily,” the dev predicts.

Enter the World of Moonga

Spells of Orbital will be built upon the already-existing game world of Moonga. “In the game, you embark on an epic fantasy adventure while constantly collecting and trading orbs (cards) to upgrade your deck,” the CryptocoinTalk post continues. “On your adventure, you will face hundreds of opponents. To defeat them, you battle using the unique system featured in Spells of Orbital. Each orb has different strengths, weaknesses and special abilities. There will also be a player-versus-player and other social features.”

The EverdreamSoft team says they will hold a crowdsale for 100 mines before the launch of the game (whose date is not yet announced). They’ll also reward mines to individuals who contribute art, write reviews (hey, hey) or even just get their friends to play. A teaser video of the game was also released this month.

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