A new Blockchain startup, Cryptogene, has been launched in Nigeria with the primary aim of educating its citizens on the fundamentals and benefits of the Blockchain and cryptocurrency in general.

What is Cryptogene?

Launched on Dec. 14, 2016, Cryptogene is described by its founder Bashir Aminu as a community where Nigerians and indeed people of all nationalities could get acquainted, learn and understand the emerging cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Aminu tells Cointelegraph that the platform would enable the people to understand the usage and implementation of the underlying technology of cryptocurrencies:

“Interactive and educative discussions are always open which enables participants to learn every day from verifiable facts.”

Experimental cryptocurrency

According to Aminu, as part of the learning process a cryptocurrency called cryptogenecoin (CGC) has been developed and mined by the group for hands-on educational purposes, so as to demonstrate to the members of the community what it really means to create a Blockchain with its own associated token.

Aminu explains that the vision of Cryptogene is to create an enabling environment that will push its members to become relevant in the competitive world of the disruptive technology:

“We would be identifying areas which will enable members to be carried along as we partner with global leaders within the Blockchain ecosystem in educating the Nigerian people. We are also pursuing the goal of becoming one of the biggest cryptocurrency communities, where people can learn freely and exchange ideas and resources.”

Currently, Cryptogene works in partnership with the Australian cryptocurrency exchange, Tux Exchange, in pursuit of its goals and objectives.