Exchanges have long been more than just trading platforms: they’ve been used for fundraising, marketing promotion, brand exposure and more. Cointelegraph talked to Katherine Deng, VP of MEXC and founder of MEXC Pioneer, about the true role crypto exchanges are playing in the current crypto market and what else they can be doing.

When and how MEXC was launched?

MEXC Global was founded in 2018. Every member of our founding team has world-class tech or investment background. We choose to operate in Asia because it is a promising market, and we value its potential.

Reports show that Ethereum (ETH) has the largest share of crypto activities in India, Pakistan and Vietnam. In the past year alone, cryptocurrency activities in Asia have grown over 700%, thanks to the boom in the DeFi sphere. We see huge potential in Asian markets and believe there will be intense growth in cryptocurrency trades in the years to come. 

What makes MEXC stand out among other exchanges?

As a leading digital asset and cryptocurrencies trading platform, MEXC Global offers excellent services to users and stands out for four reasons.

First, we have strict risk control and security protocols to ensure the safety and security of our users’ assets. Second, our high-performance trading system is able to deal with 1.4 million trades per second. Third, we have more than 7 million users over the world, enabling high capital efficiency for trading and liquidity.

Also, MEXC Global offers full trading service and content support in over 10 languages over the world, including English, Mandarin, Korean, Vietnam, Russian and others, as well as exclusive instant services to VIP customers.

Share your experience operating in Asia. How is it different from other jurisdictions?

As a new form of financing, cryptocurrency trades are available for users across the globe, no matter where the operations team is located. We’ve noticed that certain developing countries have high trading volumes, especially in the Asian region. To be specific, Central and South Asia and Oceania markets have become the fifth largest in the world.

The recent GameFi boom in Asia reflects the high potential of users here, compared with other regions. As an exchange originated from Asia, we are much familiar with the local investors, and we take advantage of this and improve our services all the way.

According to your website, you have “provided support to over 100 new projects.” How do you help startups and why? 

MEXC Global is famous for its innovation. Constantly partnering with new and promising projects makes MEXC different and helps us earn a good reputation in the ever-changing crypto sphere.

We strive to bridge the gap between the project developer teams and the markets. From funding to marketing support, we help outstanding startups in crypto and blockchain reach their business goals and succeed in them. We also believe that our support will navigate the right development of the projects, along with MEXC’s growth in the process.

How does one become part of the MEXC Pioneer program, and what can they expect to gain out of it? How do you evaluate projects?

People who have amazing business ideas can contact us and leave a request with a basic introduction of their ideas. As a significant decentralized project supporter, MEXC Pioneer is willing to go even further by discovering, investing in, community-building, co-marketing and funding industry ideas that will power crypto and blockchain applications.

We evaluate projects from every angle we could think of, and these include but are not limited to the business model, technique architecture, team collaboration, community engagement and so on.

Tell us about your partnership with the Avalanche ecosystem. 

We believe that by partnering with this fast, low-cost and eco-friendly platform, both teams could gain stronger abilities to support future industry-leading blockchain and Web 3.0 projects.

From MEXC’s side, our ultimate goal is to bring top-tier experience to our users. The Avalanche ecosystem can provide our users with great information to ease their decisions. MEXC users can also tap into the Avalanche network that offers some of the fastest transactions in the blockchain industry and ultra-low fees. 

In return, the Avalanche project will benefit from eco-funding and technical support from MEXC. Our team is also committed to supporting the Avalanche with a strategic investment fund to foster the development and success of DApps built on top of the ecosystem. The partnership will help broaden the reach of the blockchain industry and ties in naturally with MEXC’s vision of the global expansion of its crypto-related offerings.

What role does Avalanche play in the Pioneer program?

With this partnership, we hope to establish a role model for all projects involved in the Pioneer program.

For now, developers who build on Avalanche can easily create powerful, reliable and secure applications and custom blockchain networks without a complex set of rules and build on existing private or public subnets. The Avalanche team has a great level of expertise. We hope people will also be impressed by other new projects incubated in the Pioneer program and trust in MEXC Pioneer.

What kind of achievements are you most proud of at the moment?

In October 2021, MEXC Global was awarded "Best Crypto Exchange in Asia" at the Crypto Expo Dubai held in Dubai. From the bear market in 2018 to today’s rapid expansion of global markets, MEXC has now gained 5% of the global digital asset trading volume share. We appreciate the support from our users and will continue to offer world-class digital asset and cryptocurrency trading experience in the future.

What kind of goals do you have set up for this year?

Since 2020, MEXC Global has started to focus on expanding global operations and establishing a global compliance strategy. While following all applicable laws, the MEXC team will continue to grow the business in more markets and offer quality localized services to more users over the world.

We will work closely with regulators and compliance partners to make an impact that will benefit our industry. We also plan to continue partnering with high-quality projects and helping innovators and entrepreneurs across the globe. Just like our motto says ––“Exchange the World again!” –– that is what we are going to be focusing on.

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