The online gaming industry is endowed with enormous potential that can only be achieved through the collaborative synergy of all the parties involved within the ecosystem. Developers, publishers, advertisers and gamers themselves have all pursued their own independent goals, leaving each group with the circumstance of expending so much energy and resources for some limited rewards.

Creating a platform where everyone can participate effectively while synergizing with other key influencers of the industry will not only enable a robust ecosystem, but it will also enhance the various opportunities that are available for every participant.

A unique platform for gamers

Game Machine is a Blockchain of own construction that is developed for the game industry. The uniqueness of this platform lies in its direct dependence on the game industry and targeting of gamers. Due to the platform’s principle of the Proof-of-Authority (or Proof-of-Gamer) protocol, it is more profitable for gamers to mine the base currency of the system, Gamefuel.

The robust Game Machine platform which already exudes the potential of a highly rewarding platform offers an opportunity to different classes of investors in its crowdsale which launches on Dec. 14, 2017. The categories of investors include:

  • Regular investors with an investment between one ETH to 2.99 ETH will be offered the opportunity to invest in the reliable gaming projects from an early stage.
  • An investment of three ETH to 9.99 ETH qualifies an investor to become a member of the investors club. This status qualifies a participant for significant discounts on a majority of products during crowdsales.
  • Investing 10 ETH and above qualifies an investor for a bonus of up to 10 percent on all tokens released on the Game Machine platform.

Game Machine developers offer the weekly bonuses during the token sale. On the first week investors get 15 percent bonus, on the second week, they can count on 10 percent and the last discount week offers five percent.

A robust and functional platform

The Game Machine platform rides on the confidence of its track record and systematic design for the utmost benefit of investors. This is based on the total functionality of two products as at the time of writing, a characteristic high growth potential of the platform, the platform can only be run with tokens and nothing else, the GMIT is a full utility token, despite starting only in November, the mining network has already attracted more than 5,000 users.

Other potentials include, the system’s team has been established since 2013, it is comprised of strong legal partners who are compliant both in the EU and US and finally, a growing market of game industry with a capacity of $108.9 bln in 2017.

Tokens built upon functionality

Three token types are available on the Game Machine platform, serving different specific purposes. They are:

  • GMIT (Game Machine ICO Token) is used for token sales. This token will be replaced in the future by the Gamefuel token at the most favorable price.
  • GMC (Game Machine Client token) is used to reward gamers during the beta testing phase. This will also be replaced in the future by the Gamefuel token at a most favorable price.
  • Token Gamefuel, the main token of the Game Machine ecosystem. This token will be issued in May-June 2018 when the Game Machine moves to its own Blockchain.

Considering the vast array of participants and products resident on the Game Machine platform, plus the versatility of its robust team of professionals, its impact on the global gaming industry is apparently just a matter of time.

For an industry that is already performing at a huge market volume of about $110 bln despite the untapped potential therein, taking up a stake in there could be one of the smartest investment moves of any given investor as we head into the new year.

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