There are a plethora of ICO’s hitting the market daily, and at times, it can be hard to keep up with everything that’s happening. And the more ICO’s that hit the market, the more they all start to look the same. That is, until Target Coin.

Bonus structure, performance fee and plans

Target Coin will offer a bonus during the course of its ICO at the following rates:

"5 ETH - 5,000 Bonus Coins."

"Above 5 ETH - every ETH receives 1,000 Bonus Coins."

The power of the bonus structure is that investors who would already be interested in purchasing TGTCoin not only receive the initial investment value of the coin but are given additional bonus coins to increase the value of their TGTCoin portfolio for free.

As profits begin to flow, the bonus coins will allow for greater revenue generation for early ICO investors. TGTCoin will be available on exchanges after the ICO and will provide a vehicle for investors to liquidate these assets.

Nearly all ICOs charge a performance fee. Target Coin offers a 15 percent performance fee. The company is also committed to reinvest the performance fee funds into purchasing back coins.

As coins are purchased, the value of the coins is expected to increase. In this way, the performance fee is feeding into profits for investors. And with the bonus coins, the value and profit are claimed to be substantial.


The company is working on a machine learning (ML) program to help in evaluating different investment vehicles.

As a whole, Target Coin is focused on being a stand alone investment firm dealing in cryptocurrencies. ML provides a means of evaluating a market that is changing rapidly and requires lightning fast decision making where conventional analysis may be too slow.

Their goal is to be:

“…a tokenized long-short Cryptocurrency Fund which invests and trades in the cryptocurrency market by utilizing machine learning and algorithmic trading strategies for optimum Alpha generation and risk adjusted returns.”

Profits will be shared with ICO investors, per the company website:

“Target Coin pays a guaranteed quarterly bonus to the investors and shares back 85 percent of the profits back to the investors.”

Investors should be aware that only ETH from personal wallets may be used for investing, and no exchange wallets are permitted. The ICO is currently live and will close by Aug. 31, so interested parties should visit the website here for more information.



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