The biggest Bitcoin car sale in European history was made on January 18th.

This happened thanks to the Auto Outlet Helsinki Oy who sold a Tesla Model S P85+ for an amount in bitcoin equivalent to €140.000.

“We managed to do this first transaction and saw how it works, so we will now definitely start promoting it. Several other requests have been already towards us. And we have a great staff who are not suspicious on new innovations”, said Auto Outlet CEO Jukka Sinisalo.

In fact, thanks to the BitcoinKaupat company this auto store decided to accept bitcoin among its methods of payment. A correspondent of Cointelegraph contacted the CEO of BitcoinKaupat to get details.

Aleksi Vitakoski, CEO at BitcoinKaupat said:

“In Finland it has been possible to pay for large range of services with Bitcoin over a year now.

Bitcoin payments havr been continuously growing and we have noticed that the Finnish media writes about our new merchants or bitcoin ATMs constantly. This of course increases the number of bitcoin users and many want to know and try what bitcoin is. This all can be done comprehensively in Finland and especially in Helsinki where you can survive by only using bitcoin.”

BitcoinKaupat is a payment service that allows merchants to accept bitcoin payments through BitPay.

“BitcoinKaupat is making easy to accept Bitcoin payments for companies. We offer “easy-to-install” package to our customers that they don’t need to worry about installing software etc. We are also offering consulting services to companies of digital currencies, especially Bitcoin. We want to bring Bitcoin for everyday use to people and thus be involved in the revolution of digital currencies”, commented Vitakoski.

This is not the first time someone has sold a Tesla or other car for bitcoin: in 2013 an anonymous man in Florida bought a $100,000 Tesla Model S (91 bitcoins at that time).

Nowadays, in fact, there are lots of places (online and offline) where you can buy a car for bitcoin. And not just luxury cars.

The most important and remarkable examples


Beepi is a peer-to-peer marketplace where you can sell or buy your used car with bitcoin thanks to a partnership with BitPay.

James Walpole, BitPay Marketing Associate commented:

“High-value online transactions are often a target for a credit card fraud, so it makes sense for online vehicle sellers like Beepi and Bitpremier to turn to bitcoin. We see a lot of potential in markets like these for merchants and customers to save money and transact more securely.”

BitPay is one the most important service that makes it easy for businesses to accept bitcoin payments, and they are currently the largest bitcoin payment processor in the world, serving more than 60,000 merchants on six continents.



Their goal is to provide luxury items including cars to bitcoin users. Bitcoin prices are set by TradeBlock XBX and their fee as intermediary is about 5% which is deducted from the sale proceeds before they are sent to the seller.

BitPremier is supported by the NYC-based Digital Currency Group, BitPay, BitGo, Circle, Coinbase, Coinsetter, Gyft, Digital Currency Council and TradeBlock.