Is Bitcoin the only cat with more than nine lives? Andreas Antonopoulos, much-loved Bitcoin speaker, security expert, and author of the Bitcoin guide, ‘Mastering Bitcoin,’ talks to the Bitcoin podcast about the risks facing Bitcoin now and in the future, and how Bitcoin can improve.

Before our very eyes, the argument that Bitcoin will die is quickly losing steam. Fiat currencies are facing unending challenges everywhere, the financial hope of the EU is hanging on the tiny thread of the Italian banking system according to credit agency, Fitch, and China is crash landing their economy.

However, Bitcoin has navigated in a world where massive currency crises has prevailed.

Security and Distributed Systems Expert, Bitcoin Expert, Speaker, Coder, Entrepreneur, and  Author of "Mastering Bitcoin" Andreas M. Antonopoulos breaks down in a podcast how Bitcoin has managed through the various stages and processes to thrive in a world where almost no one gave it a chance.

Also featured in this podcast is Steven D. McKie, a writer and programmer, as these experts discuss the realities facing the present orthodox financial systems in comparison to what Bitcoin is doing, can do and will do in the future.