A blockchain ecosystem has launched a suite of tools designed to build a more private future for the internet — delivering unparalleled security to users and developers.

Oxen’s products are free to download and use, and the project says no prior knowledge of blockchain technology is required to make the most of these apps.

One of the platform’s flagship apps is Session, a private messaging platform that has already amassed more than 100,000 users across multiple operating systems. A cutting-edge protocol paves the way for fully anonymous account creation, with cryptography used to minimize metadata leakage. Users can engage in one-to-one chats with ease or communicate in closed groups of up to 100 people.

Meanwhile, Lokinet is a low-latency onion router that unlocks private browsing, alongside voice and video calls. It is joined by Blink, an anonymous payments mechanism that delivers instant transactions without compromising on privacy or security.

At the core of this ecosystem is OXEN, a privacy-by-default cryptocurrency that can be bought, held and staked — powering all of the aforementioned decentralized applications. The Oxen blockchain is one of the first privacy coins based on the CryptoNote protocol to adopt Proof of Stake consensus. Oxen says its implementation, dubbed Pulse, makes its token the most environmentally friendly privacy coin in the world. 

As well as preserving identities during transactions, OXEN can be used to purchase permanent usernames and upgrades in the Session app, and it’s used to deliver rewards to the node operators who deliver high-quality service on Lokinet. Acquiring many of these extras involves burning OXEN, which reduces circulating supply.

Oxen’s ecosystem is already making a splash on Crypto Twitter, with high-profile posts and retweets from the likes of Elon Musk and Kim Dotcom.

Oxen CEO Simon Harman told Cointelegraph: “Privacy and blockchain technology both strive to put the power back in the hands of the people. They’re both gaining traction this year, and we are perfectly placed at the intersection of these growing sectors. It’s exciting to see big names in the tech space throwing their support behind projects like ours.”

Protecting privacy

According to Oxen, Lokinet is a more robust and feature-rich competitor to Tor that fully embraces cryptocurrencies and decentralization, all while accelerating the long-awaited shift to Web 3.0.

Record-breaking numbers have also been reported when it comes to the service nodes that power the Oxen network, and the open-source code that powers Session has now been successfully audited.

Looking ahead, the platform intends to monetize this messaging app further, introduce premium features, increase the number of people who can take part in a closed group, and add video and voice call functionality. Some of these premium features could include increased file size limits for attachments, encrypted backup storage, verified accounts and customizable sticker sets.

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As well as partnering with Arweave to deliver private and permanent webpages, Oxen is also collaborating with Blueprint for Free Speech — a nonprofit that promotes the right to freedom of expression and defending the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Oxen’s work is underpinned by the Oxen Privacy Tech Foundation, which argues that our privacy is increasingly under threat — with activities as simple as buying a cup of coffee or messaging a friend to say hello being exploited for data by tech giants.

The project says Session is now used by activists, journalists and human rights defenders in more than 200 countries — offering a much-needed antidote to tech giants and authoritarian governments.

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