The Coin Telegraph Weekly Review (March 8-14th)

Spring often is symbolized as a beginning of new endeavours and the blossom of life. The world of cryptocurrency is no exception. We see some changes and new steps that have been taken in order to develop and widen use of digital currency in modern life.

Let’s take a closer look on the most popular news of the second week of March.


Number 5 – Finns Know How to Make a Profit

Timo and Mika Reinikainem surely do. That is why an article about Delta Finland Oy opens our top five of the most popular news of the week.

Delta Finland Oy in Helsinki have worked to fill their country with web kiosks since the year 2001.  Recently company decided that they should follow the trend. The kiosks are being reworked to allow Bitcoin purchases through, which is partly funded by an anonymous investor from USA. Find out more here.


Number 4 – Celebrities Going Out for Bitcoin

This week we also represent you a small review on 10 worldwide most famous celebrities and their position about cryptocurrency today. Sound interesting? So, check it out.


Number 3 – Xapo Security

Xapo combines an online wallet with a cold-storage vault to make using and securing Bitcoins easier for users. On Friday it was announced that Xapo Ltd. had secured a first round of funding worth $20 million.  

Xapo CEO Wences Casares did not comment on his company’s valuation, but he did note that Xapo is “the first Bitcoin vault fully protected and insured against hacking and bankruptcy.” - See more from the news.  


Number 2 - Mt.Gox Case Revealed and Updated

The story of Mt.Gox still has too many blind spots. Every week more information finds its way to the light coming from analysts, hackers and hobby detectives.   

The whole case of Mt.Gox capture the attention of whole cryptosociety, moreover, people are still in shock that many bitcoins are just floating in the online environment without any opportunity of access.

Updated: New Details of Mt.Gox Case Revealed by Amateur Detectives” gives you another chance to find out more.


Top leader - The Two-Bit Idiot Plans to Make Fools of The Bitcoin Foundation Board

The Two-Bit Idiot is a nickname of an entrepreneur and former VC, who calls himself also a truth-teller. This characteristic is going to be crucial for the remaining members of the Bitcoin Foundation board.

The Two-Bit Idiot believes that they could protect the society and the users from the loss of funds at the Japanese trading platform or at least actively participate in the search for solutions.

Today this information reaches the top of popularity on The Coin Telegraph.


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