Across the globe, citizens in many countries still face high costs of money transfers both domestically and internationally. That's why digital assets have become the logical solution to answer this challenge — as a decentralized store of value that could enable everyday transactions, regardless of borders. Unfortunately, despite its positioning to level the playing field, many users face high fees when they're trying to use digital assets.

Addressing these concerns head-on is ZEN.COM, a digital money transfer service licensed to operate in the European Union by the Bank of Lithuania. 

The platform has made it its aim to provide users with an improved customer experience through a simple interface while simultaneously delivering accelerated conversions, with market exchange rates starting at 0.5%. 

At present, the transfer service gives users the ability to convert more than 30 fiat currencies, including EUR, GBP and USD, to digital assets. This can later be spent on a physical Mastercard card.

Lowering fees across the industry

ZEN.COM currently provides support for instant transfers and top-ups for Bitcoin, Ether and Tether. 

Litecoin is also supported in some capacity, including transfers from fiat accounts to an exchange or wallet. The service is set up to work alongside digital wallets and exchanges supported by ZEN, and can therefore accept and convert digital assets upon receipt.

ZEN.COM aims to further improve the end-user experience by providing opportunities for up to 15% cashback.

A one-year warranty boost is also applied to all products purchased with a ZEN Mastercard — with built-in shopping protection called ZEN Care delivering built-in protection against dishonest merchants.

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Opening the door to expanded offerings

ZEN.COM's CEO Dawid Rozek said: "Digital assets are bound to become a part of our daily lives. We believe that this market should be accessible to everyone who wants to participate in the future of finance, regardless of their technological prowess, at low fees."

The team has made progress towards its mission by introducing ZEN.COM services at competitive market prices. 

Over the next year, the team also aims to add support for Binance Coin, Tron-based Tether, and many other digital assets.

Learn more about ZEN.COM and its partner Mastercard

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